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What's The Last Movie You Saw: The Sequel

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Thanks for sharing this, guy. I am a huge Steve Buscemi fan and I had no clue about this film. Kind of pissed at myself actually.

Spiderman into the spiderverse.          Enjoyed it. Silly slap tag and rap letter shit in it, but it reminded me of the Spiderman cartoons of youth.   Hell or High Water  

I watched this on Saturday Night     was good.    Sure I'm late to the party on this one but damn it took a dark turn didn't it?

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On 2/15/2021 at 5:53 PM, One Man Banned said:




Spotted a younger Alan Ford in there:


My “mother of the year” mon took me to see this when it came out. I was 5. 

the first attack scene fucked me up. And I held my eyes and ears  closed the rest of the movie. By chance opened them when he was looking in the mirror with his ate  up ass neck. 

I haven’t watched it since. 

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Yeah was a big lapse on my part


The first IT scared the shit outta me (talked about it in another thread) and I've always said it was scary and he should never watch it.


 thing is the second chapter of it was so stupid it kind of cured me.but damn it terrified him.




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27 minutes ago, Dark_Knight said:

@KultsThe story is pretty engaging. Give it a shot. At the end I did struggle to find the reason for the plot, but good nonetheless


when i saw the trailers it gave me this Neon Demon vibe. im up for it, i’ll check it out. even if it’s not some future classic if it looks cool i’m down 

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