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What's The Last Movie You Saw: The Sequel

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Low expectations for this but I liked it.  A lot more than I thought I would.  Feel bad I watched it without my wife. 

Spiderman into the spiderverse.          Enjoyed it. Silly slap tag and rap letter shit in it, but it reminded me of the Spiderman cartoons of youth.   Hell or High Water  

I watched this on Saturday Night     was good.    Sure I'm late to the party on this one but damn it took a dark turn didn't it?

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I was pretty happy with this. Been a Wolverine fan since I was a little kid. Of course some liberties are taken, such is the nature of films like this. Very happy they committed to the R-rating though. The violence was what it was supposed to be for him. Entertaining, but not life changing.


Stopped following comics when Marvel got greedy and made every title in their arsenal cross over with each other so did not know the story in advance.


Just watched this 2 days in a row. Agreed not life changing, but the R and the violence was proper enough, especially with the 1st scene and the slo-mo seizure scene. Pretty much how Wolverine should have been from the beginning except it would have overshadowed everything else they did with the X-Men if they had come out swinging like this.


Minor bummer with the movie- no Stan Lee cameo. Guess in theaters Stan Lee appeared after the trailers but before the actual movie starts.

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Not bad, would watch again a few times like I have all the others. Saw someone rate this the best of all the Spiderman movies... don't think it quite reaches that height. Surprised to see Paltrow's name almost right away at the end of the film and yet her role is quite minimal- must be getting that $$$. Marisa Tomei makes Aunt May a bit sexier than in the comics.

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Saw this for $6, I'd say I got my $ worth. If you liked the first you'll like this one. Rewatched the first before I saw this, they may have actually made a better sequel but tough call, was some good action scenes in the first. If you haven't seen either it might be similar to an Austin Powers x Kick Ass x Machete type cocktail.

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so i recorded deliverance on my dvr last week




got around to watching it a few days ago.


it was a very disturbing movie, but now i get all the references to the movie. even though it was disturbing, i liked it...the scenes on the river were beautiful and the acting was on point. i kinda want to read the book now though.

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oh also rewatched best of the best last night....hadnt seen it in years...





even though it was the typical cheesy 80s movie with the 80s music (and yes, i spotted a fannypack in it), i really enjoyed it.


i grew up with these 80s martial arts movies...kind of makes me want to go back and watch more 80s martial arts movies....especially the american ninja movies that i used to love as a kid....ninjas were a huge part of my childhood now that i think about it...ninja turtles...ninja gaiden on nintendo...ninja movies....hell, i even learned how to fold my tshirt into a ninja mask from an issue of nintendo power.

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Eh. Beer & pizza carried me through this. If you're interested in J.D. Salinger then this might be the movie for you. The real story itself is more interesting than the movie, the acting, the actors, etc. Dude struggles to make it, achieves fame, and then shuns it and leaves it behind to live out his life in the woods until he died a few years back.

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