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Los CIK's


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First off woe u are garbage why do ur wanna come on hear and put urself on blast ...YOU SUCK always have ur style changes when ur homeboys does I'll burn anything you ever done ...o yea what happend last time to run into us didn't go so well huh??? ... Plus from what I hear NORAD handled ur ass .... Anyway keep talking shit U just got ALL ur crews walls ragged so I'm sure they be crying to you about that soon ..... So from your hero DIGETMOTHERFUKINONE......please stop fronting like ur something your not..... Get off our dicks and the dope and the Internet .....and take care of ur shit.....I will see you soon too.....Ur crew wouldnt even battle little splek.....


Call CAST.. You got his number fagget!!

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Yea. All paint shit aside be a man hit me up bitch i remember you coked out confessing your love for me two nights prior to the events ...i remembering puttin yer broke as s up when you movedout here im the reason yer here...callme be a man... i will have fun fuckin ya up. Even yer crew knows your lying decitful, "yo nigga ill suck yer dick for some coke ways"....anytime putp 39

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