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please,Ill throw a shit it ur yard an u won't do a thing about it. Shut the fuck up already. I never once seen u on a train or in any city. Just because u pick up scrap cans,put pennys on the tracks, and live two blocks away dnt make shit yours.homie.. How bout I beat ur ass in "ur yard" then give it to splek.!,? we smash trains no matter what city or state we're in. If we run through ur spot an like it, its not ur fuckin spot any more... It just means u aint shit and u got punked. I was tryin to be cool,calm, and nice cuz im trying to work on my anger if u havnt noticed.

If u dnt like it please tell me to my face Id love to split ur lip and keep u off the dick and our thread.

So please SHUT THE FUCK UP,im not tryin to have to look for you now witch we knw I dnt mind doing.

Now lets start over and be nice.

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Calm down killa..... This dudes fan mail doesn't mean a thing let him talk alot of people talk.... We don't need to talk we paint homie, and give em something to talk about..... The homie LIVE* ain't doing Capitol murder for running his lips........


Tell me I'm fukin lying homie.....

Splek is a youngster no doubt but he runs with a crew of men don't get shit twisted and don't ever call out on of our people on our thread I've smashed people for less..... And I seen nigas who got shot for less......... Think about it...... Now just walk away whistling......... Talking under ur breath like so many do........

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