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Little pests!! anyone seen dis sheit?

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So a friend of ours bought this nice double lot in my area. It was a foreclosed home and just needs some slight work. Weve been working on it for a couple of weeks and have seen the usual pests that inhabit a home when vacant for a good minute. Although, around the house, shed, and back studio structure weve been seeing these lil red and black bugs. Literally if you pause and look at the ground, it moves. They are EVERYWHERE!!! Although they arent inside. I read into it and found out theyre Box Elder Bugs or Milkweed bugs. Examining them and the pictures Ive come to the conclusion that theyre box elder bugs.


So theyre harmless...and they cant live inside homes...fine but they seriously coat the ground. There really is no way to exterminate them unless you use some wack crazy chemical. My brother and I will eventually be living on the property and hes worries about using strong chemicals with his daughter and dog around.


Basically what Im getting at is has any of you had issues with these lil shits? Any home remedies that youve used? I was going to try a tobacco based insecticide that I know my mother has used once for pests and worked well.









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We used to have these all over our house (mainly in windows in the fall) when I was a little kid. They were pretty harmless... didn't bite, they don't get in your food or anything, they were just kind of there. Then those got taken over by those weird asian ladybug lookalike things that do bite sometimes, but there aren't as many of them and they're all localized in the attic.

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