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Toyz only   im gettin a sixer 😎       

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i'm about to make my first chocolate stout. I have the wort that I made in a cube and will cover some cacao nibs in vodka for a day or two. I'll then put the tincture in the freezer so all the oils/fat will come to the surface and I can scrape it off. then I'll put the tincture in the wort, just not sure if I should do that before or after I pitch the yeast..., probably after to stop flavour scrubbing by the C02.

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Been really want to get into brewing my own beer or more likely mead since I hear its easier and more versatile and sounds badass cause its on some viking, conquering the lands type of vibe. Never tried to do it and always have such a retarded pile of shit on my plate that I'm unsure how soon I'll get to it, but wondering of anyone else has tried making their beer / wine / mead / spirits?

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can I put this here?

 recent after work tipple of choice



 Since about 4 years ago I've started to find I have various reactions (like allergic reactions) to most beers.

Generally the more crafty the beer the worse it is which baffles me given different levels of preservatives and additives


The only beers I can drink for time now tend to be your pale beers

 corona, dos equis, tecate,  etc.

PBR and Budweiser seems to work alright plus the Korean beers Hite and Cass.


seems like the more utilitarian the drink the more I can deal. 


 also I drink a bit of cider.



 but I miss drinking a slab of coppers Pale but this beer is the  that started the reactions.

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I saw something the other day about hoppy beers triggering hay fever like symptoms. Suns out recently so cheap cider is a go to. Also the polish cans when drinking on a budget 


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Not my photo but i drank a 6 pack of these recently. I’m not a craft guy really. I like my Budweiser so i lean towards lagers, so i bought this one and some Port Orleans one. Liked this one, Port Orleans one not so much. 


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Plus its a dog on a skateboard.
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