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The Beer Thread

H. Lecter

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That stone with chipotle was god awful... Had it in a bottle one night, didnt like it. Found it on tap and thought i might as well, and i couldnt do it still.. I dont know if i didnt like the beer itself, or if i didnt like the chipotle alone.



any thoughts from people who like the porter by itself, and chipotle by itself?


I will say I agree. The smoked aspect paired with the chipotle didnt mix well. The vanilla bean worked a lot better. Ive had chipotle ale but the only other chipotle porter Ive had is Mikellers and that wasnt smoked and it was fantastic.


How was the Imperial Brown? Be a tough nut to crack getting the oak balanced?


It was ok. I mean Im happy I have it as an option being that the incredibly small town Im in probably no one drinks outside of bud, but the grocery store recently just revamped their beer selection and brought in some good stuff. The beers description prides itself on having strong character without the "sweetness" of the imperials higher alcohol. Personally I dont mind the slight sweetness as long as its a tame sweetness. Still not bad.


^CHURCH! on that stone with chipotle. The beer itself is good and great to cook with. The iterations are horrid.


One of the best breakfasts I've ever had was just bacon, cabot reserve cheddar, and smoked porter.



Fuse- how did you like the Solstice d'Hiver? I really like that beer.


I haven't had a Weyerbacher in forever. I used to love their Heresy stout.

The hitachino espresso stout will forever be fantastic. That brewery does no wrong in my mind.


The food pairing makes me think of the first smoke beer I tried. I thought I was drinking the scrapings of a Grill. But when drank with a steak and mashed potatoes it was pretty good. Bacon and cheddar pairing is making me want that now!


The Solstice was very nice. I always have seen those beers and their interesting labels so I finally decided to pick one up.


Ive been trying Weyerbachers as of late. That one I posted was nothing special. I hate when beers have all this ingredients and make you think theyre going to be different then they fail.


As for Hitachino...that beer was very good. Again they have been one company if not region of beer Ive been wanting to try for a long while. Beer shops always separate them an put them far down the line and the amount of US microbrews is overwhelming so I usually reach my limit before I find them on the shelf.

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So I was in Whole Foods and I saw this one dude, who I know who works there, off the clock and grabbing a grip of this beer. I laughed and was like "good huh?" He claimed it as his favorite and I must say after tasting it was pretty fantastic of a Porter.




He also recommended this which was too bad.



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So Ive beeen holding back a long time to taste Ommegans Three Philosophers. Their old label has this beer with a labeled additive of cherries. Their new label lacks this note. I dislike such notes of after beer added flavors. So Ive finally tried three philosophers and it was quite nice.


Ive had St peters Cream Stout which wasnt as nice as the porter....


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had king cobra for the first time the other day. wasnt nearly as bad as i had imagined.



bar near my house has tremens on draft right now

but they have some of the dirtiest lines ive ever tasted




should be illegal

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I'm hitting beer deluxe straight up, airport - hotel - beer deluxe! I enjoy Lakefront as well. Never had it on tap though. It's going to be a big week. I don't have to judge either, haha. So after the conference it's on for young and old.


Ten dollars for a pint of proper tapped import beer is not even expensive here... we pay more than that for the Bud/Miller equivalents...

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Loved the Narwhal, hated the Ruthless Rye, yet I definitely am enjoying this one. I thought it would have some cloud to it but its a clear deep amber almost orange red. The bitter is real easy and smooth with a very faint sweetness. Strong grapefruit yet it wasnt really floral like other imperials.






Almost forgot about this one. Not bad. Im just really happy that I can get a quad at the grocery store near me. They have a couple other beers too by Boulevard that I havent tried yet.BOULEVARD-THE-SIXTH-GLASS.jpg

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tried 211 and Huricane for the first time over the wknd

hurricane tasted like pool water but 211 wasnt too bad


so spoiled w micro growing up in so cal... :haha:

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had king cobra for the first time the other day. wasnt nearly as bad as i had imagined.


there needs to be a malt liquor thread.

do you guys hate "wood barrel/whiskey barrel" beers as much as i do? that shit SMELLS and it's not great to drink.

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I like all those micros etc but hard times call for broke nurga beers.


been drinking these because I skate to the gas station next door

My boy was skating with glass bottle, fell ans it ruined his wrist hand, pierced an artery and was bleeding out on the street... hes okay gonna go check on him tomorow. Hes in art school and his hand is ruined like meat grinder


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I think I'm going by the bruery tomorrow.


Toronado San Diego is doing some big things on saturday.


Particularly, their 25th anniversary ale, and the last sixtel of Cable Car 2011 is going on around noon sometime.


I'm trying to convince a friend to drive us down. If you can go, I suggest going. There's gonna be tons of other good taps and bottles on.


Also, barrel aged beers are fucking delicious. But it is important that the right beer goes on the right wood.

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