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The Beer Thread

H. Lecter

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Ah. I see. I'd definitely try it. I'd try what the Abomb posted as well, but being a lager from SABMiller I think it's a safe bet it's watery shit?


I see your point though. I just did a small collaboration with a brewer from one of the big three in Australia, and she was a great brewer with a lot of knowledge - made me feel like I was back to crayons.


At the end of the day, all those sort of labels are doing is trying to capitalise on the fact craft beer is gaining market share. I believe in the US it's around 6% market share, over here it's 2.5% - but 2.5% of a very big pie is still a nice slice.


We are seeing the same thing over here.

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Had the Goose Island IPA today.


Spoke with a Goose Island rep that was at the pub. I'll applaud ABInbev for not fucking with the general structure of the company. None of the recipe's have changed, but I do know the head brewer ducked out right before the sell. Either way, still a generally solid brewery. I've shat on them before, particularly for Matilda, but the Bourbon County Imp. Stout (Original, Rare, Vanilla and Coffee included) are some of the best beers I've ever tried. Soooo, I say they are most def worth the try.


I wouldn't put them in the same camp (even if owned by a major) as I would "Blue Moon." Particularly since Blue Moon is what people perceive as craft beer who "come over" from the mainstream markets. So you still have some of the same brewers for the majors portraying crafts, but aren't actually started within that vein.


Where as even though I would consider Stone as some sort of emerging major, I would still refer to them as Micro/Craft because of their history.


Just some epistemological rantings on the size and distribution of beer versus its relative quality.

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I guess. Unfortunately here, particularly in University settings like where I'm at, there's a lot of braggadocios frat assholes who think they are intellectual hot shit when they come to a thirty tap craft pub and attempt to order Blue Moon (of which they don't have) only to settle on Abita Purple Haze in a pissed off compromise...


Basically, it's more just a sign for me to steer clear, or at least just borrow a cigarette from them later and make fun of them for being assholes to their face when I'm good and drunk.

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my qualms with drinking goose island, regardless of quality and history at this point, is that giving support to any of the big 3 is helping them keep their war on micros on.


AB doesn't give a fuck about the product they put out, they give a fuck about turning a buck, exclusively.


stone/dfh/new belgium might be big, but they're taking maybe 10-15% of 3% of the market?


i don't think any of our current micros will, w/o being accrued by the big 3, grow to compete on that scale, and i don't think i would consider them on that level until they are effecting lobby groups/legislation that negatively affects micros.


different strokes, not saying big guys can't be good--see sam adams and hops--but there's enough to choose from that isn't them that i don't need to.


so far tonight: boulder beer hazed and infused canned, not really a fan as much as on draft.

a couple torpedo tall boys, boulder mojo ipa. moving on to high life i think. lets stay drunk. its tuesday after all.

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We are copping it here ten fold. The big TWO are taking up all our favourite brands, I even got approached about production levels by one of them. It's fucked. I'm going to continue swingin' dick at them all, but I kind of know they'll win in the end.




I even had my mate poached by a Japanese owned syndicate so he's brewing with them now.


Sucks, yo!

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