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The Beer Thread

H. Lecter

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those'll getcha drunk.




you typed it wrong...


in other news, i have an empty imperial witbier and a rauchmarzen (smoked Oktoberfestbier basically), the smoked beer was awesome, the wit--pretty solid too.


i am seriously amazed at some of the quality eastern european micro's out there that will never be heard of.


name 3 polish beers...see?




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Duuuude, don't make this another thread I can't check at work.


i actually got in trouble at an old job because they accused me of looking at porn

when i demanded the proof they had 12oz and a list of porn hotlinks from gifs

luckily i had already been applying and just switched jobs

lesson learned- i no longer visit 12 oz at work

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I own my workplace, and crimestoppers is a stand up bloke, so I'm not fearing for my job - I just don't want any of the female staff here to cop an eye full.





My French Ale, known as Surrender Ale, has turned out insane. 11%. Bashes Belgians by the bucketload.


@JC: I'm Australian.

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Protester thats awesome! So jealous. Id be willing to pay the shipping to try one of them.


Narwhal was pretty dope I wont lie. Ive been on a anything but over hopped trip this past year. Ive been searching for different things that arent just punch in the face IPAs and lighter ales dont thrill me for the price. Imperial Stouts have been a favorite of mine for a good while and Narwhal fulfilled itself very well. Also to since i said I dont usually like Sierra Nevada. That was a delicious Malt Monster.

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Thanks blokes. Also, haha at the Willie reference.


I'm actually doing a mash tomorrow morning, so I'll snap some photos. The missus left her schmancy fancy camera here, so they might even be good photos.


Also, Absinthe is nearly ready. I'll get some photos of that too. I wonder what the statute of limitations is for grimey shit you've said on the internet... I'm pretty proud of my new labels... I'll think about it.

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Last night I had Left Hand Sawtooth ESB on nitro.

never had an esb as such, it was awesome, the beer profile was so different, the head had a very creamy boddingtons thing going on, while the body ended up sweeter, and not in a gross way.


would highly recommend.

also odell cutthroat porter on nitro was great.

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I'm gonna go ahead and show you all why the bay area is the single best place for beer in the country:




"First up is Chuck Stilphen, owner of the popular beer-centric bars The Trappist in Old Oakland, OL in Walnut Creek, and upcoming Trappist Provisions in Rockridge. Stilphen is taking on the big city, with plans to open "the finest world class beer cafe San Francisco has ever seen (in my opinion anyway)." What's in the works? Well, Stilphen has secured a 3,000 square foot space at Market and Mason streets (34 Mason Street) near the Nordstrom shopping center. Beer geeks take note: Stilphen plans to carry 40 drafts from the finest European and American (and other countries) small batch independent brewers, as well as two to three casks handles, hundreds of bottles, plus wine on tap. Ho hum? Well here's a couple cool details: there will also be a special private lambic/sour beer tasting room in the cellar (only sour beer lovers allowed); and the bar will be the first of its kind (according to Stilphen) to pour draft beers at different temperatures (i.e. lager and pilsners at cooler temperatures, stouts and heavier beers closer to room temperature)."


Long story short:


40 taps all separately temp controlled

Private Lambic/Sour tasting room

3 Casks

100+ bottles

Smoked Meats, Charcuterie, Pickled Foods

Monthly Dinners with Guest Chefs and Pairings



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Starting with a kit is the best way to go. I know a couple of people that leapt straight into full grain mash due to self confidence, and I know at least one them only ever laid down two disappointing brews then gave up. The kits are a great stepping stone, and the fermentation side is really where a lot of your flavour qualities are going to be earned.


If you have any questions there's a few crew in here happy to help. I'm always happy to, as long as you can convert metric!

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