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The Beer Thread

H. Lecter

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"This is the best beer in region" - no sale


"I love this lager, so nice and hoppy" - it's ale, and it's barely got a sniff of hops, which is the actual reason you like it you limp wristed chequered wearing motherfucker.


"I don't drink dark beer" - That's fine, you don't like beer. Fuck off, and for future reference, when you order a glass of Stout, it's going to be dark.


"I've been drinking beer my whole life, I think I know what I'm talking about" - No, cocksnap, drinking XXXX Gold for thirty years doesn't mean you know anything about beer, it means you're a cheap fuck that bashes his missus.


"Just let me take this chewy out of my mouth" - Just let me take those teeth out of your mouth.


You remember the bad, more than the good. The good memories in your life don't haunt you, do they? I get mainly positive people, and people that are 'in tune' with how they taste my beers - if you don't like it, that's fine, I am absolutely cool with that, I have no idea how many beers I've tried and not liked. But to assume that because you don't like it makes it bad is one of the dumbest things humans do, across the board.

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Back to saving bottles for a minute, I can see it being tacky if it's crap beers. But, I've been to some brewpubs that have a whole history of old bottles/cans behind glass all around their place and I have to admit that was pretty cool, especially in an area that was rich in the brewing tradition.

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I can't remember their exact tag sign, but they could have at least filled the wall.


Wine culture is nauseating, I won't argue there. Selling wine at the moment is a bit of a mugs game in Australia, they smash out so much wine each year now, that you can actually buy a $7 clean skin - get it home - and it's the exact same wine as a $40/bottle. I used to work on bottling lines for extra cash, and you literally have a box counter and once the allotment is filled they shut down the line, change the labels over to another brand, and then fire her back up again. All coming from the same fuckin' tank!


Anyway. I won't pollute the beer thread with vigneron nonsense!

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morimoto is a horrible beer.


A few things to catch up on:


Saving bottles: I like the visual history it presents me. Before Untappd and really cataloguing a lot of what I drink here, it was a nice way to see what I've had. We only kept special beers that we had only had once or so. Worked well. When me and the girl moved out of our last spot, I offered the bottles up to a guy who runs one of the nicer beer bars in Houston. He wanted em but had no room for it, so into the recycling they went.


Cans V Bottle: I agree that there are all the obvious benefits of can over bottle, however there is one thing that I've wondered about for quite a while. For some beers which are green bottled, I think about whether or not there has been an accepted amount of light tainting that has become part of the expectation in how they brew the beer itself. That it's brewed to interact with the light such that it produces a specific flavor. I can think of a few that I wonder about that, mostly pilsners, or farmhouses, like that of Dupont, etc.


Beerdicks: People are morons, always have been always will be. I've almost gotten to the point where other than close friends and on here, I don't really get into the beer talk anymore. Thanksgiving was a good example of being surrounded by people I wanted to drink and drink well with.


Revised Thanksgiving list:


2012 Sierra NevadaNarwhal

2012 Embrasse Oak Aged on Ardbeg Barrels (this wasthe best scotch barrel aged beers I've ever had.)

2010 JesterKing Black Metal Stout

2011 Mikkeller Chipotle Porter

2012 Kriek De Ranke

2011 Birra Del Borgo Duchessic

2012 Brasserie Dupont Avec Les Bon Voeux





I may or may not be forgetting something.

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The only reason green bottles came about was due to a shortage of brown glass, and because the green bottles were imported to the US, they had the idea of being classier, or higher in quality. That's why you get all the Euro stuff (not many exceptions) in a green or clear bottle. Those massive brews, like your Becks, use tetrahop which is a liquid synthetic hop that eliminates most light strike.


Since then, with the world going nuts about pollution etc. - brown glass is pretty much not used in large scale operations in Europe, it has something to do with the ability to recycle brown glass? Can't remember exactly.


Can > Brown > Green > Clear


As a general rule, don't buy beer in a clear bottle. It's probably not real beer. Synthetic brews are at the point now where the technology is good enough that they could (they don't yet) mix the ethanol/tetrahop flavour/carbonated water - at the tap - much like your postmix soda's and what have you.


It won't be too long I wouldn't have thought before the really, really big boys start marketing to change public perception on that form of dispense, especially for large scale events.


I'll have to try and get a hold of one of those Embarasse!

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I'll call my guy and see if he can get me some, $20 for you, probably around $50 here.


The synthetic hop thing is crazy, but people think that massive beer productions use Barley to make their beer, when in truth, the massive US guys, like Coors and Budweiser, are using Corn and Rice instead!! Once you get to that stage... is it really still beer?

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New liquor store just opened like a quarter mile away from me. Checked it out and treated myself to a build your own 6pack + 1. Unfortunately, I have chronic headaches that get drastically worse from most of the good beers I enjoy, so my beer consumption over the last few years has been limited to mostly select cheap beers that don't fuck with my head, for whatever reason. Grain Belt Premium has been my non-headache-inducing swill of choice now that I'm back in Minnesota.


It sounds like they're going to be expanding their beer selection, but they just opened a week or two ago. Pretty decent selection already. Todays picks:


Sierra Nevada Narwhal (have not had)

Sierra Nevada Torpedo

Southern Tier 2x IPA

Southern Tier 2x Milk Stout (have not had)

Third Street cream ale (have not had. Figured i'd grab 1 beer that wasn't overly heavy)

Stone Ruination

Mikkeller Hop Burn (have not had)



Edit: just cracked the Mikkeller. First few sips remind me a bit of Ruination, which is conveniently one of my favorites. Pretty good. Surprisingly easy to drink for a 10%er.

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The name barley wine is kind of misleading. They are just really big beers that have an abv that climbs up in to the wine range (12-15% ish). Most of the ones I have made call for pitching champagne yeast in secondary fermentation, so that may also have something to do with it. I'm sure protester will come thru with actual knowledge here in a bit. Most are an acquired taste to be sure, but the style is pretty broad. I love em, and have only had a couple that I didn't like. Both where brewed in house by brew pubs. GreenFlash make a pretty good one, that should be pretty widely available.

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It is just a strong ale. Most places uses little, if any spec malt. From memory a brewhouse in England just called their strong ale Barley Wine, and I guess it just caught on. It suits the fact that so many people vintage date their examples, just like wine.


This is from the 2008 BJCP Guidelines, so it might not apply anymore;


Commercial Examples: Sierra Nevada Bigfoot, Great Divide Old Ruffian, Victory Old Horizontal, Rogue Old Crustacean, Avery Hog Heaven Barleywine, Bell’s Third Coast Old Ale, Anchor Old Foghorn, Three Floyds Behemoth, Stone Old Guardian, Bridgeport Old Knucklehead, Hair of the Dog Doggie Claws, Lagunitas Olde GnarleyWine, Smuttynose Barleywine, Flying Dog Horn Dog


Taken from here;



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ive had gnarleywine and old guardian. didnt really enjoy either and havent given a barley wine a chance since.



what eviltrailer said at the top of this page- every time ive gotten together with friends the last year +.

i was lucky enough to have a roomate introduce me to a bunch of stuff a few years ago. im still a greenhorn though.

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