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Toyz only   im gettin a sixer 😎       

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You can add a spot of ginger to give it a little punch, but usually girls don't seem to like the ginger heat in the drink. I think it gives something special.


Only other thing I'd suggest is using Champagne yeast - you might already be doing that? The attenuation and perseverance of a Champ. yeast will yield a lot more alcohol and will give you more control over exactly when you want to finish the ferment.


What OG are you looking for?

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Ten sixty five will be pretty stable for ferment, I'd still go the Champagne yeast and pull her at 1020, should give you around the 5.8% mark but have enough body to hold onto the residual sweetness.


You could push to 1012'ish and be looking at a beasty 7%'er - but it would probably be too dry for the female palate.

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As the only other person on here that I've seen comment on sixpoint, I like their shit, but doesn't their brews all seem slightly similar to you?


I agree and I can't put my finger on exactly what it is they're doing to create that but I've definitely noticed it too. Maybe they're using a proprietary blend of hops when brewing their higher ibu beers? I've only had the three I previously mentioned and the Sixpoint Autumnation which is their pumpkin beer (I think).


I've found my summer beer -




/shitty label is shitty

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Like their shit, might have to cop that.

Hope the brewery is not close to the radiation.



I just returned from Kiuchi brewery. Give me a chance and I'll post some pics

They had trouble with the earthquake and recently set up a newer brewery to help with distribution growing pains.

They have tested their beer for radiation and its fine. All of Japan is covered with radiation buts its in my humble opinion that its not something to be too concerned with.

The radiation type is a very low level type and at this point its anyone's guess what the real long term effects are.

J govt is not known for publishing its findings in any environmental catastrophe.


for more info on the brewery check



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the architecture of the 200 year old building was beautiful

I chatted with the translator that does all their english promotion

they are trying to expand to hong kong. she was suprised when i told her that hitachino

is actually pretty popular with micro brew loving americans.

I would highly recommend their sake which is actually much better than their beer but only has

a following with older japanese folk. but they dont really distribute that much outside of japan.

i have a pamphlet that I will upload into a pdf format if anyone is interested.


















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