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The Beer Thread

H. Lecter

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@ protester, I asked about Hahn and Forex, as It was literally all that was available on tap when I was in Perth. Some of the Hahn verities where ok, but the Forex was putrid, and the locals drank it like it was it was going out of style. Thought it was an Australian thing, like Vegemite, tastes like ass but you still "love" it.

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you must have been at the absolute worst of the shithouse northbridge bars if those were the only two beers you could find. ie mustang or black bettys?


hasnt gotten much better in the last few years but i dont ever recall it being that fucking bad.


on a side note im in germany again, love street drinking with nice 1euro longnecks. Warsteiner hoooooooo!

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beers I drank last weekend:


Fantome Noel 2010 (not aged on purpose)

Fantome Noel 2011

Russian River Supplication

Russian River Pliny The Elder

Brasserie d'Achouffe N'ice Chouffe (meh) their blonde and tripel IPA are so much better

Evolution Lot 3 IPA - great IPA, best thing to ever come from the state of Delaware, score of 91 on Beer Advocate

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Damn you, crime. I might have to put you on ignore if you keep rubbin' it in!


@ET77: Vegemite is made with the spent yeast from one of the major big breweries in Australia - we acquire a taste for yeast products around the same time we get some teeth over here!


Only 2.5% of market share in Australia goes to craft brews - so it's not surprising that all you found was shit.

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Warsteiner! Anybody else remember when the 12 packs would have all kinds of free shit stuffed in them? Mostly little things like bottle openers, coasters, and stickers. Also saw a couple tee-shirts, bar towels and an 11 pack with a pint glass where the 12th beer would have been.


As for the Aussie beers, that was all I saw on tap, VB and Swan and others where available in bottles, but the bartenders gave me the stink eye when I would order em. Like "what a poofter"

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3 floyds black sun stout

nice smooth cant remember what it tasted like exactly because I had it on ny's eve and I was pretty drunk at that time.




bell's cherry stout


eww really struggling with this purchase. pom juice and chocolate. do not want





boulevard brewing co double wide ipa


i tired something new. too bubbly for my taste for an ipa. pilsner maybe but not my ipas




bell's winter white- blah i'm drinking way too many stouts to like this right now. so thin i took a drink and gave it to my girl and said hey i got you something :)

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Thought id share some photos ive taken over the past year or so. Nothin' fancy yall, jus some picktures of beer. I always like to take a picture or two while im in a good mood drinkin'.. Try an 'capture' the 'moment'.


Relaxin' by the river.



Straub's with there older label..Smokin!


Natural Fridge.


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the best way to describe the svea is "the way an ipa SHOULD be"

i mean, i love the big hop and all that - but this stuff is so on point.

you get a solid taste of the hops, a little heat and it finishes clean and dry. i can imagine some people saying it's too dry - but i'm into that. verging on champagne dry …love it.


try it - it's amazing.

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beers that verge on champagne dry are the tits.


Choc, regarding beer week, I'm not gonna be around late on thursday the 16th through the weekend. I'd really like to hit the Deschutes rare night at Pi bar in the mission, but I have class till 2 on that day so there's no way I'm gonna get to the bay in time. But please go to that for me. I wanna know how it is.



Friday 17th,

Rare beer day at Magnolia on that friday sounds great. Starts at 11am.


Ninkasi meet the brewer at Rosamune 5pm.


Saturday 18th,


Barleywine fest at Toranado, but we all know that's gonna be a shit show. I dunno. 10am. I think it would only be worth it to go in the morning.


Magnolia is running a pre-barleywine brunch, California kolsch, English bitters, etc. Not a bad idea if you are gonna sit through the fest.


Grill and Chill at Drake's barrel house in San Leandro sounds good. I haven't had a chance to get down there yet and I would really like to.


Rosamuned is have a craft sausage eating contest. Drink as much of your choice along with eating in the allotted time. That sounds drunk.


Sunday 18th,


Grilled cheese pairing with Firestone at The American Grilled Cheese kitchen. That sounds like it could be tasty.


And of course the close out event hosted by Trumer.


I wish i could be around the first weekend, but I'm trying to make sure I'm there when a good friend of mine is available.

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