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The Beer Thread

H. Lecter

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The point is that that bottle and label looks EXACTLY like Anchor Steam.


Why wouldn't the bottle and label look like anchor steam :confused:


I like the Anchor Liberty Ale, Christmas is OK and the Steam Beer is a classic in my opinion. I know I've had the Humming Ale at some point but can't really remember what it tasted like.


So I'm leaving the confines of the East Coast and heading to Astoria Oregon for the weekend, never been to that part of the US, unfortunately I'll only be there for 72 hours...can I really walk into any beer store and find Russian River beers? Any suggestions on beer bars up there? If I had it my way I'd spend the weekend in Portland but it's not gonna work out like that.


Oh and we just got this on draft, I love this beer but refuse to drink any pumpkin/spice/winter beers until it's colder outside



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Yeah, was going to mention this is back around again, had my 1st of the season the other day, delish. Say this each year, but some people swear by the Dogfish which I wasn't feeling, Southern Tier all the way. I'm tempted to say though that, if I recall correctly, the Smashed Pumpkin was good last year too by Shipyard.

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^Have you guys noticed a price change since they were bought by inbev?? Goose island shit doesnt often come around my way, but I saw a couple bottles recently and they were cheaper than I remembered.....just curious


I'm sure it's a two fold function. Their reservs pre-inbev spiked on ebay, but i suspect any production level beers dropped because of the subsidized cost of distribution through being bought by inbev.

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high life, for life. .... or lone star.



on another note,


Just found out the pub at UCI as thirty rotating taps. Psyched, i've been here every day three days running. Only two pours over $4.50. And the subsequent quote they have on their blackboard:


"If you've seen a commercial for it, we don't have it."


I think i'm going to enjoy grad school.

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Local spot had a bunch of pumpkins so I got a few diffferent ones. This now, not into it. There is a bitterness that overtakes the pumpkin/spice. Then again, a lot of you seem to like their brews where I don't. The label said it was made in NY, but was that always the case? I thought they were out of somewhere else.



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