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The Beer Thread

H. Lecter

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So, the beer i was talking about is called Infinium, it arrived today and i had to pay 35 dollars for the bitch.


it is a very nice lager, dont get me wrong, it has aromatics that are almost impossible to get from the way they brewed it (the German Purity law). but fuck, fuck paying that amount of money for a groundbreaking beer that is in no way shape or form anything out of the ordinary


a solid B, nothing more.


if you see it, try it to say you did, but not because you believe the hype, which i was already sceptical of. 4 ingredients? fuck outta here with your innovation talk.

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I thought you were talking about Infinium, we've been selling bottles of that at my bar for about $25US and I think we received our first shipment in November. I agree that this is a beer to try once but I wouldn't go out of my way to drink it again. Are they marketing this as a collaboration with the Boston Beer Co. (Sam Adams) in Australia?


Here's a good link with more info:


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Haven't had a beer in a week. Attempting to cut down on the calories for a bit. I think I saw one of these in Shameless last week. Made me think about all of the beers they had in Europe that I can't find anywhere in the US.




There's a taste that they have that you can't quite find here. I don't know the name of it, Stella kind of has it, but not to the extent that other European beers have it.

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Never liked beer. About the only thing I can stand is Yuengling black and tan.


for real? I think that is by far the only beer I stay away from. First off you cant bottle a black and tan, as far as Im concerned its strictly a draft type.


But in celebration for a fantastic 2nd year come back. Yuengling bock. I think this beer and damn fine along with its sexy 1940s label.




Sippn down a 6 pack tonight. So tasty.

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A local beer spot i go to often has alot of goodies on draft.


Some to mention..


Rouges john john dead guy


Corsendonk Chrismas


Delrium Noctorum


Maudite and Trois-Pistoles


North Coast old #38 stout ON NITRO (Had last night, was very good)


theres all kinds of rare brews to sip at this spot..


So whats everyones favorite(s) winter brews??


Some of mine would probably be..


Anderson Valley Winter Soltice ( kinda floral but real enjoyable, smooth )


Penn Brewery St.Nick Bock ( nice and balanced, can drink a few, very smooth )


Smutty Nose Winter.. (very flavorful, warms ya up, nice and hearty brew too )

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Had that unearthly recently but the oak barrel version, it was very good. Been drinking on hopslam and goose island ipa recently even though the hopslam is nothing compared to what it was weeks ago.


Tried that jolly pumpkin la roja too and wasn't feeling it way too sour but smelled very nice.


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Dude brown shugga sneaks up on you hardbody though...


10 percent and shit.


hahah yeah because from my experience brown shugga, lagunitas especially, is the only beer out of few that has that amount of alcohol and is sold in 6 packs. Most 8-10% beers are sold in 4 packs in my area. 4 of em does the job but 6 of em seal the deal.

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