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H. Lecter

The Beer Thread

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got a 4 pack of st bernardus ale plus one of their glasses, plus a delirium tremens and a rocheford trappist. its a good night for belgian ales, if only they were all cold.

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i'm not a stout kinda drinker, but, based purely on yalls recommendations i bit:




mikkeller beer geek breakfast - shit is GOOD. not overly 'chunky' but a solid smokey, creamy thing going on.

will drink again.


also had…

Birra del Borgo Gina - very interesting. i can only describe the smell as 'wet'. it's brewed with thyme but has a slightly tart grapefruit thing going on and finishes super clean. really enjoyed this beer.


Napa Smith's Cool Brew - a bit of a hop and i tasted a vanilla flavor…finishes crisp. if anything, it's an interesting brew that's worth trying because you probably have not tried anything like it.

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good lord did I have a tasting on saturday:


20 bottles ranging from a 2007 Chimay blue magnum, to mikkeller chipotle porter and 2008 Rogue Imperial stout. Much much more, try and get a list from my buddy later.

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''I wake filled with thoughts of you. A room full of empties and the intoxicating evening which we spent yesterday have left my senses in turmoil. Sweet, incomparable beer, what a strange effect you have on my head Am I angry? Do I seem to be looking sad? Am I worried?... My head aches with pain, and there can be no rest for me your lover; but is there still more in store for me when, yielding to the profound feelings which overwhelm me, I draw you to my lips, from within your liquid body a love which consumes me with fire? Ah! it was last night that I fully realised how false an image of you your advertiser gives!''

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get ready for several weeks of beer and miscellaneous liquor pies;



one of the nicest dark ales ive tried.


sucked balls, they only make one beer i like


one of the more interesting ciders ive ever had, definate bitch drink but you can tell its well made.


a pretty unique trappist ale, really enjoyed it though


a classic in most bottle shops, overhyped but good none the less


wanted something a bit stronger than my regular beer and wine, pretty good highland scotch


nothing stand out


went to a spirit tasting at a dope new bar, started with ciders then jumped onto these. french have traditional cider and vermouth locked down


calvados (apple brandy), cognac, armagnac (cognac from down the road...ish)


high end cognac, the one in right of the center was created in 1976, it was fucking amazing


absinthe and all things aniseed, not my thing


agricole rhum for the most part, i am a rum fiend but this tastes tainted by industrial machinery (despite being the purer form of rum)


from montreal, hands down the best non-belgian take on an abbey ale, definately worthwile


for the amount of sediment, and it ruined the beer incidentally, it tasted pretty good, but pouring the shit and not kicking up sediment is next to impossible


vouvray is a french chenin variety, aged 14 years and the sweetness turns dry and amazing


and to cap it all off, the biggest, peatiest, smokiest scotch in the world (cant get much more of an acquired taste that real Islay single malts). if you womens haven't tried it you need to, if you have and dont like it. you dont know what you're talking about.


anyway hope you like the photos as much as i tried not to drunken stagger as i was taking them.

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and while im at it, i tackled 4 of the 6 tonight. started with the two lower strength st bernardus (still 6.7 precent though)then the delirium and now the rochefort, saving the other bernardus for tomorrow as i know how good they are.


protester; still havent gone to cellarbrations in carlisle i will soon though, trappist ales have been occupying my weeks lately.

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on to my last st bernardus beers, chewing through the tripel in await of my all time favourite beer, the Abt 12. 10 percent is neccesary for the beer to work but i have other shit i want to try tonight and ill be too drunk to remember about it tomorrow haha.

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Had this on draft last night, pretty solid winter ale:




Trying this right now. I agree, it's solid and not too spicy.



This was super good in October. One of my favorite fall beers. (not to be confused with the pumpkinhead ale)


I think a lot of the holiday beers right now are trash.

Anyone try the Vertical Epic yet?

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Anyone try the Vertical Epic yet?


Someone on here mentioned they had the 10.10.10, I haven't seen any being sold on the east coast but I haven't been seeking it out either. I recently had the 08.08.08 and really enjoyed it.


I drank this last weekend, apparently this is Sierra's first USDA certified organic beer. Very strong hop smell but not an overwhelming hop presence when you drink it. It has all the standard characteristics of a well balanced Pale Ale, I would definitely drink this again.





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one of my local spots has 10 10 10 on tap. haven't gotten a chance to get it yet...


i was in CO last weekend and got a chance to try Avery's DUGANA ipa. i was completely loaded and remember little after ordering it, but it was awesome.

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