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Daniel Dumielle

The Beer Thread

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i got a case of this salvadorian beer called TORINO today real cheap


is this shit non alcoholic or something????

only a couple left in the fridge and i feel fine...

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had these yesterday. The Magic Hat was fucking delicious. I very much reccommend it to anyone who likes a nice light summer beer with a lot of flavor. The color comes from beet juice in the beer.......crazy

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Its a celebration tonight... drinking one of these then some Crown Royal.




I was going to edit the size or get a new picture but the amount of awesome this beer is, is appropriate for the size of the picture.

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So I figured there should be a new beer thread since the last one has disappeared.

The original thread maker deserves the credit (Chupacabra?) for the success of the last one.


ok so yesterday I went to a beer expo. it was invite only for liquor store and bar owners.

I am neither but the liquor store that I frequent has been telling me about this expo for the last year.

I planned on taking all sorts of pics. I brought my camera but I got so wasted that I can barely

type right now as I am trying to get through this hangover one key stroke at a time.


it was held here



a huge convention room was open with #50 booths


i got a tasting glass and a nifty little name tag that showed i was a buyer rather than a guest so people were

all trying to chat my ear off. I just wanted to drink.


Here were the breweries that were there.




















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i'll give you a run down off all that i had. i tasted around 120 beers.

even with a tasting glass it probably came out to around 25-30 beers

i am paying the price today but it was so worth it.



stiegl had a radler lemon soda.

total girl beer at 2.5% but it wasn't that bad

i wouldn't buy it for myself but if you had females to buy beer for this would be the one.







they also had a stieglbock which i never had before (7%)

pretty good but i am too much of a fan of the lager (4.9%) or the pilsner (4.7%) to buy it



founders cerise (6.5%) is a new one

another girl beer and uggh its gross. the stiegl lemon was much easier to swallow.

i really wouldn't recommend anyone trying it and having to suffer through a 4/6 pack

founders is one of my overall favorite breweries.



founders double trouble imperial ipa (9.4%)

even though i've had this a ton of times this has definitely made my top 5 list




last one for the moment

hitachino white ale (5%)

supposedly from japan (i have never seen it)

but has a belgian style similar to monarch and Blanche de Namur but a tad sweeter taste

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