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How bout this borned to be banged


Post ur addy and let's see if I don't go to your house, rape your mother and then blow that bitches brains all over the wall





ur moms is such a ho that ur daddy is a multiple choice question:D :lol:

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No I have a job that requires me to sit in front of a computer for 8 hours.

And I have a lot of friends that post from this account.



Now stop riding my dick..that's your big sister's job

And by the way..later on me and a few of the boys are gonna stop by and do bukkake on her(google it)



And if your slut mother walks in she gonna get a taste too


ur moms such a slut that when she walks her pussy claps:eek: :lol:

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i took ur letters from u son ur crew is dead and old my dad used to bomb when they started so u know that crew is old:lol:


ur moms is so knock-kneed n ur pops is so bo-legged that when they walk down da street they spell OK :D :scrambled: :lol:

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