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Don't get me wrong wyse is the dude and all and I see all his flicks over and over and fuckin over on the internet

But I see a lot of werm in the streets...like everyday


I've caught a few freights from wyse but it seems like he mostly paints out of town...I don't live out of town..I live here in chicago....I know dude is probably getting up all over boston or san fransico or the moon or where ever but It really doesn't matter to me cause I'm probably never gonna go to any of those places...


I like seeing graffiti in person..not flicks on 12oz



then you must not get out much. wyse is up all over this city. open your eyes..

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lol wut?

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amor de rey black and gold never fold, bishop crazy, satan disciple love all day errday, gd till the world blow, count crazy, AMOR DE BANDERA, saint worldk, black and beige on a rampage, DSYPO LUV DSYPO LUV DSYPO LUV AK BK CK DK EK FK GK HK IK RUN UP NIGARS SANTO AMBROSE LOVE BOAH, oh and also party people crazy never lazy and almight insane imperial gangsters run dis and the latin marijuana smokers run dis. gangstahz should kill moar cops instead of eachother we all know the cpd is the biggest gang in town. ASSEMBLE


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im lookin for a mentor in chicago. someone who wants to pass along legit technique because lets face it, majority of the everyday shit is wack and i want to help change that

send me a pm.


ill be your mentor just dont be suprised when i corner you in my room and rape you hahahaaaaaaaaa:lol: :lol: :lol:

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Bump that Kells


Please stop with the stupid ass internet thuggery...I don't think anyone is either scared or impressed. You guys sound like a bunch of kids with down syndrome. The world dosent end at the end of your block...Go find out for yourselves.

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