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------>BAD TATTOOS<------

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back in the day like mid 90's we all went to like alternative schools. and one of our homies went to a different one, he didnt even do graff but he did graff ya know. like when yer growin up homies will just start doin it cause it rubbed off and it was destructive n shit but there not actually writers and are completely horrible. well this dude was like that guy.


he was drawing shit i guess in class once and some bird was like, what else, "yoooooo can you do my name??" and so he does. givs it to her, doesnt think anything about it.


literally probably the worst graffiti humanly possible.


NEXT day... bitch comes to his school and is like yo check out my new tattoo, turns around lifts the back of her shirt. is the drawing transformed into a tramp stamp on tattied on her ass.




flicks or it did not happen

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another 90's story:


there used to be this dude around the neighborhood that rode around on his bike selling nikels and dimes. we used to call him D R for dirty rich. scrubby swishy pants on a bike, ya know.


so me and my boy we chillin outside one day and dirty rich come us on his bike and we are like "yo D R" and hes like what that mean so my boy is like doctor rich. dude loves it. like really fucking loves it. yea man you the doctor!


so a lil bit of time later we hanging outside again and dirty rich comes up and its like "yo check it" and on his leg was a D R tattoo.

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