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I've said this to a british person i know quite well, and i'll say it to you. Majority rules when it comes to spelling, and there are more of us then there are of you.


Henceforth, all spelling from now on should be in the PROPER american way. COLOUR, HONOUR, and all all other words with pointless letters that the British are well known for adding on a whim with absolutely no purpose... (knight) ARE HERE BY DEEMED OBSOLETE.


Thank you.



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lol @ the British apparently "adding" letters to words on a "whim" (American spelling: "wim"?) ...Rather than Americans getting rid of letters from all-ready used words... In English it's colour because we got it from the French and that's how they spelt it... and the french got it from the Latin word "juisiux colourusium" meaning "visual fruit juice". Now, wasn't that a very interesting bit of history that I just made up?


anyway... words change, innit.

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