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Wut Are You Listening To 2009ish


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Play dress up with your friends leather and studs are easier to afford with your parents allowance you claim that you're from the south side crew HA! Suburbanite! Your mom did your hairdo no tolerance for morons like you around me cuz costumes like that are for halloween spike it up but only for the shows when you sing about smashing the poll taxes break a bottle at a wall out of anger at the injustices of america as you drive home listening to discharge in your parents Acura

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i randomly met this kid through an old roommate, and the dude invited us over to his place. he pulled out a big bag of reefer, put on crazy colored lights, and packed at least a quarter into a hookah and we listened to the entire thing on vinyl. AWESOME. actually probably like 2 blocks from where you're at, too. haha

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