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Number of people inside the cafe under hostage quoted as "a fair few". Go australia go hahaha.


If only it could have been reported calmly and responsibly, like the Boston bombing.

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Ha. I'm here.


You're piece is still riding.


Stay safe and Merry Christmas.


2015 the year of the new forum.

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Scored me a new Kitchen wiz, mixing bowl, baking trays, measuring spoons and a punch in the left pec.


Pretty happy with that little haul.

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figure this can go here as well.


belated Christmas greetings to you too protestor!






A MAN who repeatedly had sex with ponies on his farm near Ballarat has walked from court a free man for the second time.


Noel Mitchell, 67, can finally be named after a court order protecting his identity was lifted.


Mitchell walked from the County Court with an 18-month community corrections order (CCO) and 100 hours of community work after pleading guilty to two charges of bestiality.


The man escaped jail in March 2013 when he was convicted of bestiality in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court and released on a CCO.


The County Court heard Mitchell reoffended about nine months later when he was spotted having sex with a pony in a field in January last year.



Police arrested Mitchell the following month, but he denied the allegations.


He was eventually brought undone when a concerned neighbour filmed the pervert attempting to sire a small horse while positioned on a milk crate.


He was arrested on June 23 last year and again made no admissions.


The court heard Mitchell was expected to undergo intensive counselling for his depraved urges as part of his CCO, but had received none at the time of his reoffending.


Veteran judge Justice Lance Pilgrim condemned Corrections Victoria for failing to support the deeply disturbed offender.


“It was part and parcel of the magistrates’ order,” he said.


“I’m disappointed Corrections made no directions for counselling of any kind.’’


Justice Pilgrim labelled Corrections Victoria’s performance as a “disgrace”, “deficient” and an “appalling lapse”.


The court heard while Mitchell was not directed to undergo any further treatment by Corrections Victoria, he was referred to support agency Beyond Blue by two concerned police officers where he continues treatment today.


In sentencing Mitchell, Justice Pilgrim urged Corrections Victoria representatives at Ballarat to thoroughly read two psychiatric reports on Mitchell and act accordingly.


Mitchell apologised to the community and his estranged wife through his lawyer and told the court he was deeply embarrassed and ashamed of his behaviour.

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