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Team Dog Lovers [round 2]


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my dog just tried to french kiss me was disgusting, he jumped up on my lap put a paw either side of my head and went in with his tongue, fucking funny as hell but gross as fuck, my son was in hysterics. luckily the door went so the dog ran off

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  • 1 month later...
serum you still look here?


my lil dog can't really eat the homemade food anymore because she has these uppity anal glands that don't do well with food low in filler.

we went back to dry food and her issues cleared up so i'm certain that was it.


what would you add to homemade food for filler?


oats? cornmeal? flour? i'm perplexed.



I had the same issue. I didnt have any filler available one day so I just gave him chicken straight

the next day runny shit.

I give him either pasta, crumbled bread or a little rice (too much can constipate them for more than 24 hrs)


now i'm looking into human glucosamine in dog size portions anyone know a good dosage

I have to do the research but have been busy

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From day one



to year one



Good Dog Kar;a Marx Shitting Machine extrodinaire

AKA bigness

AKA Huge Bitch

AKA leave that alone, fucker

We are celebrating her 1st birthday this weekend. Peanut butter cake for all.

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  • 2 weeks later...

im not 100% sure. It is the first time he has seen them since we took him so about 5 months now, but they all got on really well and there was no humping involved, considering he hassnt seen them in about 5 months there was definitely some sort of recognition there he wasnt as shy or wary he was at home straight away.

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dog people of 12ounce. Help a nurga out.

i fear i might end up breaking a bone in my roomates

dogs face. a 10 month old beastly un-trained, half-heartdley neglected

akita mut mix. this fucking thing has destroyed more countless

household items and personal possessions than i can count and there

is no hope in sight. already done had the "talk" with it's owner and

we settled that anything that little fucker ate he'd compensate me for.

including a 350$ pair of glasses. dude refuses to crate her. and i just got in

and found my oldest beloved pair of kicks ripped open from heel to toe.

i'm fucking FED UP with this thing.but i don't close my door because

my dog is a princess and she needs the in and out time. anyone have any advice

on handling this shit minus the animal abuse. i'm open to anything.

seriously close to the edge here dudes. . .(YESMAD)

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My dog gets worried when we leave him alone and sometimes rips shit up but I just make sure everything is too high for him to get at, he is much better now and doesnt tend to go for anything other than loose paper now, only because we taught him plus we moved everything else outta reach. Sucks if the mail comes when he is home alone though.


If I were you I would start getting real shitty to the owner, they obviously aren't teaching the dog right and the dog cant be held accountable for bad ownership.


edit - just thought another thing that helps is giving him something to chew on before you go out, I know Earl mentioned they stink but a paddywhack keeps my dog busy for hours, he also likes pigs ears as well. He definitely stopped chewing stuff up a lot more when we left him thouse, also get a bin with a lid rather than a waste basket.

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I'm usually pretty good at keeping things out of the way of it's mouth.

but once a little time passes and i'm busy like today i forget. i've started

dumping the bathroom trash destruction on dudes floor. but the guy is hopeless.

dude is a 40 year old hippie-love gay pride whole foods manager. NOTHING

fazes this dude. one could probably hawk a bloody tobacco lugi in his eyeball

and he'd still be chill about it.''




worrd. waste basket things an easy fix. gotta grab one of those.

and i s'pose i could buy her stupid ass some shit to chew on.

dammit if i still don't wanna kill her.

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Suki told me about this when my dog was chew crazy.




If the dog is fucking up furniture, you can spray it with that and it will help.


Like Decy said, give it bones on the regular. If the dog is big get the big bones. The ones that look like a caveman would use them to smack a chick before dragging her to his cave.






I say find a new roommate or move into an apartment by yourself. You could always try and show the dog you're the dominant one in the house. Beat the shit out of the dude in front of his dog. You'll probably have to fight the dog as well. Good luck.

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Ridgeback/husky mix looks interesting, Ridgebacks tend to be on the large size.


NOES- there's not a lot you can do unless you want to train dude's dog for him. Really, the owner needs training. Otherwise, you're dealing with a dog in need of discipline/training/playtime.

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if the dude is willing to pay to replace your stuff, would he pay for obedience training? it might be the easiest way out of this, to sort of make it like the guy has no choice or you'll kill him.


my only other suggestion is you do the training yourself.

this could be extremely difficult if the dog doesn't really recognize you as the authority. since the dog is both an akita, and not owned by you but instead a mushy hippy, the dog may not listen to you.


if it does, whenever the dog starts chewing on something it isnt supposed to (which also means you sort of have to wait for this opportunity then let it happen..) go fucking nuts on the dog for a few seconds, then replace what its chomping with a toy that it' allowed to chomp (and obviously the dog needs several of the black kong toys) and then praise the dog like it won the lottery while it's chomping the proper toy.


other thing is the dog needs more exercise, surely at least part of the reason it's chewing shit is a lack of good ways to release that energy.

good luck.



*didn't see earl/decyfer's bone suggestion til later but yeah that too.



my foster/rescue is working out really well..





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