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Vandals are spray-painting areas near City Hall

By Dana Sauchelli

December 14, 2015 | 6:39am

Vandals, emboldened by a drop in graffiti arrests, have been targeting a busy area near City Hall.


Several boarded-up shops at Chambers and Church streets have become a spray painter’s paradise, as the city allows the vandalism to grow unchecked, say disgruntled residents.


“I keep wondering what they are going to do with it. It looks horrible,” said Jonathan, 43, a local resident who wouldn’t provide his last name.


Another neighbor, Francesca Van Horne, said it’s gotten worse in the past eight months.


“I don’t know why the cops aren’t doing anything. My friend had some graffiti done in her garden. They must have climbed over. It’s just awful,” she said.


One of the most popular canvases for aerosol scribble is a shuttered storefront next to a Chambers Street subway entrance — where scores of city government workers pass every day.


If cops won’t arrest the vandals, the least the city could do is paint over the eyesore, said Kate McPhil, 33, a resident of Little Italy who was walking through the area.


“What does it cost, $10?” she wondered. “Paint over it!”








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