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Hello NYC!


Anyone open May 28-June2?


I have been traveling across the US + other countries meeting up with writers for the past 3 years, writing and fucking around, documenting a lot of it on a thread here on 12oz. Lots of fun. Lots of flicks. Lots of debauchery.

You can view my travel thread on Channel Zero - it's sticky'd as the first thread - "travelogue, hunting, hitchhiking, graff, getting dirty..etc"


there's lots of fun there, leaf through it.



I am heading up to NY MAY 17 to build a giant Lifesize Mousetrap


thing for this weird festival MysteryLand

And I will be done May 27. I'm on my own till June 2 when I will catch a flight out.


if anyone wants to kick it, hollar at me! I have some walls to paint but nothing is concrete. I always love meeting new people.


IG: @Keepitrail




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15817262784_47751b822a_z.jpg.4c5d7f8e1a56b28934213baa21ee324b.jpg@gregbfb by adnauseum, on Flickr


16106179048_680c8d1744_z.jpg.783af37f8332168177e600c3fea9a909.jpgAnother submission SUBMISSIONS-AT-HANDSELECTA.COM @cinikvac @lions_nyc #sake by adnauseum, on Flickr



15845395298_c59afd802a_z.jpg.18fd337db6e942f3f5ed70d4e55ffbb4.jpgCondolences to family and friends by adnauseum, on Flickr


15153390854_5b966b9a44_z.jpg.a4eaa33bc915c84a398b45f9a04cd06a.jpg@_thedoctor_d #halt #boston by adnauseum, on Flickr


14967149386_644395de7a_z.jpg.b6d0ec5b0b57c0479cc9ec88ac11e30e.jpgRegrammed from @keo_xmen peep that Brooklyn Ina' Broadway stylee by adnauseum, on Flickr


14528579954_2472552d27_z.jpg.df6597f4e193fc6f46235dd4841a40fc.jpgupload by adnauseum, on Flickr


14483487045_a63197cef3_z.jpg.78102f6cad331fd7c88a32c4b2b18369.jpgYou gotta put in the hard work if you want to get down with the Handselecta crew. Damage by @the_curvazoid and @gorey clean windows by the kids!!!! Hard work is its own reward, but these guys earned a fair wage in milkshakes, free booms and a couple of ha by adnauseum, on Flickr


646543830_592358737_13c98b5482_z.jpgzz1.jpg.2a3c5e71df36634367b9a142088f97b6.jpgCecster and Acne by adnauseum, on Flickr

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Jo ju alrei noe we back in the 2015 wit it nikkas got them caprisun on deck how a Yung Nomivelli aka Yung Circumcision aka handstyles smoother than ya mothers bleached asshole does this famo true story ya nikkas str8 boogy bordin talm bout this that an a 3rd pero put it like dis we bout 2 burn dis dour my fam dula squad shit shout out ma nikka Yung milk crate aka kea on the 1s and 2s we bout to drop dis hole debut mixtape Freshpond Holocaust point blank 4 all ma real thorough bread Jewish niggas dis 1 for tha holographic yamaka nikkas spinnin dradels on bookings floor ju hert. Ya nikkas str8 flim flams meanwile thats why ya moms sell v-neck on the train as a matta of a fact doe. Put it like dis ya nikkas sayin this that and a 3rd about toy this, toy that u smell me but im bout 2 keep it a hunnit matta fact keep it a thousand 2 get philosovical wit my 12ass famo rite now. Wtf is a toy thou Nikkas sayin this that an a 3rd about how if i'm a toy then wtf is u scram i aint even playin rite now being toy is a state of mind as a matta of a fact doe point blank my son dulas dis graff shyt serious rite now fam we mean business, it aint about hand style or wild style is about life style famo real talk im in the community college bathroom rite now jerking off and snorting methoxetamine typin from dis iphone 6+ as a matta of fact doe. wtf is a blackbook i aint even be artin like dat y would i be bombin on paper when i could be bombin on wall fam im a bomba put it like that thou. meanwhile we really is about this yoloing lifestyle meanwile ya nikkas whole squad the str8 boogying type to always choose jiggly puff in super smash brothas u smell me fall back or get falled back wit that falcon punch my nikka clip ya wings and str8 air u famo dis my life aint no games we really does this on a regular as a matta of fact doe servin out these yams im bout 2 bust a trap rite now meanwile ya nikkas need 2 wash ya scrotum sack kid real talk get ya pubic hair back on track famo what ya life like iight 12

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