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Random but if you can't travel back in time to 1987 NYC there's youtube:



Time stamped, between 4:38 and 4:48 you can see EASY and an old retired JOZ (RIP) outline. 23rd street btw 7th and 8th, The Chelsea Hotel. Killed just KILLED the whole city.


Nelson Sullivan video, downtown 1987. On the way to "The World" after being left out in the cold by the even colder Kenny Kenny (The one of the more infamous doorman Bret Easton Ellis would describe in "American Psycho")

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"The World nightclub operated largely outside the law, and opened and closed unpredictably. It ceased operations permanently in 1991, when its owner was found dead on the premises. The building that housed The World was subsequently demolished and replaced with a luxury apartment building."


My face will be replaced with Luxury housing one day

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Man Found Killed Inside His East Side Nightclub


Published: June 29, 1991



The owner of a troubled Lower East Side discotheque was found shot to death early yesterday on a balcony inside the cavernous empty nightclub, which has been open only sporadically for more than a year, the police said.


The discovery of the body inside The World, at 254 East Second Street, left investigators struggling to find a motive and to piece together how the killer got into the building, which was apparently locked.


The victim, Steven Venizelos, 37 years old, was found by an employee a few minutes after midnight on a balcony used to store audio equipment, said Lieut. Kevin Gilmartin of the 9th Precinct detective squad.


A former catering hall, The World was on the cutting edge of Manhattan nightlife in the mid-1980's, attracting a trendy gay and East Village crowd. But as its popularity as an after-hours spot grew, it became the center of many complaints about fights, shootings and parking problems, said Anne Hayes, a spokeswoman for Community Board 3. The board and residents of East Second Street mounted a campaign that led to the club's losing its liquor license. Shot Three Times



Mr. Venizelos was shot three times at close range, twice in the face and once in the upper torso, the police said. Credit cards and jewelry were found on the body but there was no cash or a wallet, the police said. There was also no sign of a struggle, the police said, and no shell casings were found, leading investigators to believe that the killer used a small-caliber revolver.


"Right now it is just a mystery," Lieutenant Gilmartin said yesterday.


Mr. Venizelos bought the club shortly after it was ordered shut by the State Liquor Authority in March 1989. It was cited for serving alcohol to minors and being "a focal point for police activity." The owner at the time, Paul Garcia, and his 15 partners fought the decision in the courts but were finally forced to close the club in April 1990.


On his application for a liquor license, Mr. Venizelos stated that he had managed a carting firm in Queens for 15 years before deciding to go into the nightclub business, a state official said.


In the fall of 1990, Mr. Venizelos reopened the club without a license, telling the bartenders and bouncers he hired that he had connections in city government who would expedite the process, former employees said. The authorities shut the club down after only three nights.


Throughout the winter and into the spring, the club opened sporadically, sometimes as a "juice bar" for under-age people, sometimes for private parties, but it failed to make a profit, the employees said.


In March, Mr. Venizelos, who lived at 107 Amsterdam Avenue in Staten Island, submitted an application for a new liquor license. It has been pending before the state.


A corpulent man with a penchant for gold jewelry, Mr. Venizelos was last seen alive about 7 P.M. Thursday, when he left the club with four employees for dinner , the police said.

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