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JIGGA WA? im jus sayin all the lil niggas wana chat on the fb and play xbox all day.

The discipline and desire to really sit the fuck down and study the craft of graffiti eludes alot of kids.


80s alot more teenagers were burning. Now niggas can barely do throwups. Too many distractions to the point its reshaping minds in my opinion. double edged sword.


also i dont know that you can speak for the intentions of past generations based off of "strong graffiti books".

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Here is my totally insignificant, inconsequential opinion on this convo over the last few pages...


-Transit is dead and that right there is a huge killer to the evolution of style; benching died and techniques were not passed on

-Most kids don't have the influence, imagination, skill, or paint to look beyond the streets and street bombing

-The majority of the paint in the city is locked up. This stops kids especially toys to invent paint... No paint means less practice, less graffiti, less development of skills, loss of racking technique (and the establishment of scrapyard selling markers to kids which cannot build a fuckin mop)


graffiti turned into something else, today you can be called a king in nyc with no trains and never once having entered a subway tunnel, wtf is that? i don't care who you are, if you didn't do either of those things, go away


lots of people write for flicks and convoluted fame over exploration and personal enjoyment, plus this forum exists, and rivalry is also diminished due to the death of transit


people get lost in the hype..


my thoughts

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