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Now shooting back to the end of graffiti on the trains and how the streets started getting destroyed and Dinkins was about to become Mayor I was at war with the whole city but I kept Manhattan locked down . I was pretty much up more then all the writers I was beefing with on manhattan island .So I decided to stop graffiti there was no real compassion out there so I quit. There was a new up and coming writers that started going over me when I had stopped writing this guy wrote MQ DMS him and JA XTC had mad beef with each other and I had beef with both of them so my shit pretty much got taken out by EIGHTER MQ DMS or JA XTC .Then came another crew of writers YKK which to me was like a JA XTC branch off that found it cool to go over me so when I came back with JUST 357 DWC I took out YKK and they took out my shit this went back & forth back & forth till they ran out of gas after a few years. Then they came back with this old school cat BET TFV this dude was a monster graffiti machine from the old school growling inked out subway days BET TFV was one of my favorite writers from the letter lines along with ROACHES and BT KROOK SES so it took me fast by surprise. I was like dam I loved this guy my whole life now I got to war with him even thou I never met them I felt like I was one of them old school street dog from the trains so while all that was going through my mind he was destroying my shit so I went with the flow and destroyed him back .This went back and fourth for a year or so till we met up and squashed the beef and in squashing beef we realized we lived the same life styles just different locations.

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