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17,REMO,NEMZ,JA,OJAE, EASY,SEN4,DESA,KECH les and minus? LMFAO. are you illiterate? i said up to par bombing or style wise. noone you named come close except for 17, bombing wise. and noone you named come close to any of the style these outta towners bring.. simple, if they were up to par with them, theyd be putting in as much work as them and be as up as them, right? where are any of their stomper solid fillins? hmm? where their straights, pieces and burners in hot ass street spots? and sad thing is you live here. your lookin real stupid right about now..


youre bitch made. you know nothing about NYC graff and yet you act like youre a style critic. everyone you mentioned has been doing their thing for at least a decade, and some paved the way for modern bombing as we all know it. yet youre too fucking dumb to know that.


this shows how much of a feminine ass child you are my son. you come in to a thread that contains new york graff, frequented by new yorkers, and start talking shit about our graff and our culture like you know shit about it. no one here goes into your faggot garbage LA thread and talks trash to them.


its cool bro, keep doing your triple dots and telling yourself you are better then everyone else.


and theres a reason some writers come here and wreck shit. use your head

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