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3ess and gigs are toy??? Really I aint gonna vouch for them but have u seen some of the shit posted on here ?? Minus gigs 3ess take nemz and a few other niggas out there only niggas rockin burners nigga.... But yet again adek and lewy is okay lol cuz they got ups and rock really big fills lol ... And ya also said if u got ups wit no style still toy ??.... Niggas on this site be no name toys not doin shit livin the old life....


sorry kid that 3s bullshit is toy look at the throw up it makes me want to ..THROW UP!

yet when you drop a so called "piece" it looks like you opened up a msk book and studied it a thousand times get the fuck outta here that shit is toy only young toys like that kindve weak shit. like done vida said toys love to use the "hatin on us" card when ever they are told the truth about there wack shit if your graff was dope you wouldnt have to sit up here daily promoting your self other people would put pictures of your work up and this a public forum you put your work up here your going to get honest opinions

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