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downtown manhattan is extremely diverse. Like i said its a small community, the cops know EVERYONE. They know who is from the hood and who isnt. Who should be out there at what time and who shouldnt. Whose out cus their dealing dope and whose writing graff. It doesnt mater who you are how you dressed by the time they come around to stopping you they already know the deal cus theyve been peeping you all night.


and you pulling race cards just goes to show where ur head is at.


end of the day if your still wearing your southpole jeans from jr high with airforces you need to step your life up.


no tru religions or levis an airmaxs dont make a difference any type of hiphop attire is attention..skinny jeans dont ckount an whymention southpole? thats irrelevant to the situation

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they aint racially profiling shit in downtown manhattan its not the ghetto out there. If anything their probably racially profiling all these whiteboys that are out putting the beats on your boro.


you just said its not the ghetto so isnt that more of a reason to pull a graff writer to the side for a random search if he looks like reakwon from wutang?

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im also yet to see these out of towners do mta work tunnels tracks powerboxes etc cheating with tight pants an 600 montanas an fat ckaps on streets still doesnt prove shit..adek is not an all city writer..he just mashed downtown an parts of williamsburg ...u kno damn well aint no adeks on Jamaica ave or holis or hillside or brownsville or crownheights or eastnewyork or even trainlines like the L 3 A C E...a all city writers has all elements on smash all boros tunnels tracks streets highways bridges an trains.rooftops all aspects..adek doesnt have all the above not to hate..but he did mash downtown an williamsburg i give him that

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i grew up out of this site..now im back ckause im bored..smfh..out of towners kill streets ckause they dress in tight attire look gay..so at 3am when ckops drive past them they dont look suspicious.what ckop would stop a tight gay clothes white man at night.unless they in brownsville then they a think they feens trynna buy ckoke or ckrack.. lmao..i swear i would beat the shit out of one of them givem a taste of a thug brooklyn asswhoopin..same for the rfwiggers


u aint from brooklyn tho

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