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Spoken like a true new jack!


First: Uend, Casino, Bis, LC and NV had the 7 on lock with multi color pieces around 98-99. If you knew anything you would know, that the Cityspaces rooftop is one of the hardest roofs on the line and Uend and Casinp did a full up pieces with a fucking character on some turntables. The roof is eye level with the platform of Qnz Boro Plz for christ sake. Not to mention all the roof top pieces they had around flushing. You must of missed that...


Second Vor and DBI have been putting it in for Queens since like 90-91. They might not be as active as they had once been best believe they're still doing it and its 99% illegal. If you don't know the shit they do is dope on every level (tags, throws, straights, pieces). When you grown up hopefully you'll know something about handling your business like a grown man. Which mens you can't be out in the streets everynight scribbling throw ups on the wall for some internet nerd to approve.


Queens sucks?

Aks, Teck, Giz, Desa, Clark TN, Ench, Bis, Free5, GSA, Web 113, Ghost, Bruz, Mque, Spen, Nato, Dera, Hektic, Kelt, Mesoe, Saint, Cro, Duel, Det, Waqs, Greed, Air, Meno, SN, Both, Fcee, Docs, Shaz, Dash MDC, SP, Skale, Yes POW, Sues, Vent, YMI, Sphere, Stane, Trake, JD, Jakee, Foe......there's countless more, just a few off the top of my head.


When I have a minute I'll post you some flicks



Q718 dont listen to that loser, hes just mad at everone for his own short comings in life and the graff game as a whole.

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LOL, you are one dumb polish idiot. Keep at it though, sooner or later youll figure it out Im sure, and even then, you wont do anything, youre a internet non descript . Till then Im just gonna keep herbing you for all the dumb shyt you say everytime you open your mouth. :lol: :lol:



and I dont even think ewok is from/is in conneticut. You read too much Saster.net :lol: :lol:

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um yes please do so cause i never seen anything from UEND that is not legal.... so stop sucking him off and show me proof you fagg


Uend would slap the shyt out of you if you was ever man enough to state ur name, but we all know how shook you are, and how you just pop your head out just long enough to bitch and moan then go back in your shell in hiding. go back to your coffee shop mr Manhatten ave and Grand. :lol: :lol:


oh this is too easy.

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Now you riding uends cock???? You should cause maybe he can teach you how to really piece. You fucking little fuck. Uens would won't be slapping nothing you gay ass toy. You know where to find this white polish fuck. Come to my hood faggot.


hey, lets keep arguing forever and ever. you still a pussy in hiding.


I wish Uend would show me how to piece hes nasty as fuck! What was your point again? oh right, just crying all over the place about anyone whos nasty and gets props. while you cry yourself a river b'cuz no one ever mentions you. :lol: :lol: :lol:




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