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I know most of you heads are into hip hop and punk, but dude. Power metal....fucking power metal.


God knows i have my dragonforce tickets for this summer already set up :cool:


Thank fuckin god my girlfriend knows about my power metal addiction or else i'd have no sex life.

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finntroll isn't even slightly power metal


its "demons and wizards" not "wizards and demons"... ugh...

which was a project between:

blind guardian and iced earth


power metal has been around since the early 80s, its not a new genre: next 'too many metal genres' comment gets negrapropped.



iced earth

blind guardian

demons and wizards






rhapsody (i don't like personally, but most people do, if you like dragon force you will like probably, completely over the top)


gamma ray

lost horizons (metal against drugs, lolololol, awesome band though)

sonata arctica (also over the top)

symphony X

dream evil (amazing talent)




these next are bands that are power in style, but aren't vocally so

children of bodom (first 3 albums are power metal)


some older soilwork

most dethklok songs are power.

arguably stratovarius, though they fall into progressive a lot as well

opeth does a lot of power stuff as well, though also fall more into prog

dark tranquillity has started using more and more power parts since damage done/character, but are still primarily 'melodic death'

thyrfing is somewhere between power and sludge and something else...


power doesn't mean 'clean/melodic vox' over fast , technical guitars, though that is a fairly common trait

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i've been listening to dragonforce since highschool.

sure, most kids that are into it at this point are hipsters, but don't discount the band because their fanbase is fucking bullshit. you're going to rule out just about every musician with that line of reasoning


moral: hipsters lose, dragonforce are pretty rad.

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excuse meeeeeeeeeeeeeee i apologize for the error


-2 metal points


does this mean i can't grow my hair to my ass anymore?


the fuck should i do with my 200 spike gauntlets, now too?



and dragonforce is fucking great, hipster metal or not, their guitarists are amazing. their drummer is fucking lightning (not to be matched by cryptopsy though), and keytar has never before been used so well.


aswell, i added finntroll because a lot of the time power metal has to deal with fantasy situations, and i think songs sung through the point of view of a fucking troll would put it pretty goddamn close to that.

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