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A mule with a bithmark that resembles David Koresh found in Ohio.


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this thread needs more oontz. And for that I will provide you with this video. Kid will oontz the hell out of anyone. http://youtube.com/watch?v=Q7yKB_nSvh0&feature=related



every time someone posts a link like this i always end up watching a few related ones and it has left me wondering about this kid. like where does he live and why is he oontzing so hard? i think he plays too much pokemans. see 1:18 of this video

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why do people post movies of themselves dancing, and the like??

whats happening to us all


i can understand maybe, a c walk tute, or something educational even,

but just random dancing type stuff, dunno, confused here.


i spose when i was younger and into certain scenes,i thought nobody else in the

world had any idea about how cool and different my(our) little lives were, dropping pils and

acid like crazy, dancing like a twit for 12 hours straight with a bottle of amil glued to

my nose..... rah rah rah,, rant


anyway, just answered my own question



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