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keeping secrets

Smurms battle thread

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What are the Smurf names? Who and what are the Smurfs? Where do the Smurfs live? The Smurfs friends and enemies are all listed below, including the number one asked question - what is the name of Gargamel's cat!



Questions and Answers:

Who and what are the Smurfs?


The Smurfs are tiny, blue creatures who live in mushroom houses in a village hidden in the forest. Smurfs are blue, three-apples tall, and speak a dialect which makes heavy use of the word "smurf". The root word "smurf" is used extensively as a noun, verb, and everything in-between; "what a smurfy smurf, Papa Smurf" would not be an uncommon sentence. There are over 100 Smurfs inside the Smurf Village. The Smurfs are led by 543-year-old Papa Smurf, a good and powerful wizard. Each Smurf is assigned a task in the village, according to their ability and the needs of the community. Smurfs live peaceful lives in harmony with nature. The word "Schtroumpf" (Smurf) is the Flemish equivalent of the English language colloquial "Whatchamacallit".



The list of Smurfs characters include:

Papa Smurf : Papa Smurf is the leader of the Smurfs, and the only Smurf who wears red. Papa Smurf brings the Smurfs to safety in times of danger and crisis. Everyone in Smurf Village turns to Papa Smurf when things go awry. Papa is always busy making magical spells and potions in his laboratory.

Lazy Smurf : Lazy is perhaps the most aply named Smurf in the village. Almost certifiably narcoleptic, Lazy can fall asleep anywhere, anytime, day or night.

Handy Smurf : Handy wears a pencil in his ear and helps fix things in the village. Handy is known for his amazing technological creations, such as the telesmurf (telephone), Weather Smurfing Machine, and Smurfmobile. The rest of the Smurfs have a bit of a Luddite bent and often criticize (and eventually abandon) Handy's inventions.

Brainy Smurf : Brainy seems to be an expert on everything...but he's usually wrong. He publishes a series of missives entitled "Quotations of Brainy Smurf" - universally reviled by all (except himself, of course). Brainy's best friend is Clumsy.

Clumsy Smurf : Clumsy Smurf is a kind soul who is often tripped up by his own two feet. Clumsy loves to collect rocks and is best friends with Brainy. Clumsy's clothing seems to fit rather loosely, adding to his clumsy appearance.

The Smurfs will return after these messages:


Tailor Smurf : Tailor makes all the clothes in the village. He's often seen with a needle or two in his cap and a tape measure around his neck.

Farmer Smurf : Farmer plants the crops for the Smurfs and helps organize the harvest. Farmer Smurf wears a straw hat and overalls.

Dreamy Smurf : Dreamy Smurf is always dreaming of other places and other things. Dreamy is best known for his appearance as Astrosmurf, where he visited the fictitious Swoofs on their home planet.

Harmony Smurf : Harmony is the musician of Smurf Village, but he doesn't have many fans. Although he deserves an "A+" for effort, Harmony's trumpet playing leaves much to be desired, and he's usually asked to stop playing as soon as he gets started.

Painter Smurf : Painter Smurf is a brilliant artist (much like our own Vic George). Painter speaks with a French accent and refers to his paintings as "masterpizzas".

Hefty Smurf : Hefty Smurf is the strongest Smurf in the village. He's also the only Smurf to sport a tattoo (a red heart)! Hefty can often be seen lifting weights or exercising.

Vanity Smurf : Vanity Smurf is never without a mirror in sight. Vain to an extreme, Vanity is constantly worried about his appearance. Vanity wears a flower in his cap and is demonstrably effete.

Jokey Smurf : Jokey is known for his pecurliar laugh and loud, exploding "giftboxes". Whenever you hear "get ready for a surprise!", you'd better be ready to duck and cover your ears - BOOM!

Smurfette : Smurfette was created by Gargamel to destroy the Smurfs - and she was orginally a brunette! Papa Smurf's magic changed her nature (and her hair color). Smurfette loves flowers and the color pink. Smurfette is one of three female Smurfs in the village - but she was the first. Read the story of how both Gargamel and Papa Smurf created Smurfette here.

Poet Smurf : Poet Smurf lives for the written word and always has a parchment and quill in hand. Poet is known for the trill in his voice and his fantastic odes.

Grouchy Smurf : Grouchy Smurf is indeed grouchy! His favorite expression is "I hate (fill in the blank)!" whenever someone mentions pretty much anything. Grouchy usually has a scowl on his face.

Baker Smurf : Baker is the chef of Smurf Village. Baker cooks up some amazing culinary creations, but unfortunately spends a lot of his time chasing after the thieving Greedy Smurf. Baker and Greedy Smurf were combined into one Smurf for the TV show.

Greedy Smurf : Greedy is an exceptionally greedy Smurf. He loves one thing above all else - food. Greedy is often chased by Baker Smurf for stealing snacks and goodies. Greedy just can't seem to help himself!

Puppy : Puppy was offered as a gift to Papa Smurf by Homnibus. It was Baby Smurf, however, who opened the enchanted locket around Puppy's neck and became the dog's true master. Puppy is a good friend to the Smurflings and protects the Smurfs from Gargamel's cat Azrael.

Snappy Smurfling : Snappy Smurf had his age reversed and became Snappy Smurfling. Snappy wears a yellow tee-shirt with a storm cloud on it - which is indicative of his disposition. Snappy can be quite snappy at times!

Slouchy Smurfling : Slouchy Smurf had the aging process reversed and was transformed into Slouchy Smurfling. Slouchy is not a very enthusiastic Smurf and often takes a relaxed pose. Slouchy has a red tee-shirt and loose fitting white cap.

Nat Smurfling : Natural Smurf went from old to young and became a little Smurfling named Nat! Nat can talk to animals and loves all things to do with nature and the environment. Nat wears a straw hat and brown overalls.

Sassette Smurfling : Sassette was created by the Smurflings to serve as a sister for themselves and Smurfette. Sassette is an outdoorsy kind of girl, sports red hair and freckles, and wears pink overalls.

Baby Smurf : One special evening, Baby Smurf was delivered to the village via a stork! Baby has magical powers and speaks in baby-talk. It is not known whether Baby is a girl or a boy.

Grandpa Smurf : The oldest of all the Smurfs, Grandpa returned to the Smurf Village after a five hundred-year absence. Grandpa is energetic and rambunctious, wears a yellow hat and pants, reading glasses, and carries a cane.

Nanny Smurf : Nanny is a nanny to the Smurfs (as her name implies). She has a pet named Smoogle.

Smoogle : Nanny adores her pet Smoogle!

Clockwork Smurf : Clockwork Smurf was created by Handy. Although very strong and smart, Clockwork cannot speak - he can only make mechanical noises. Clockwork goes outside the village to spend time with others but makes regular visits home to see Handy and the other Smurfs.

Tracker Smurf : Tracker is an excellent outdoorsman and tracker. He carries a hiking stick.

Wild Smurf : Wild Smurf wears clothing made of leaves. Wild Smurf grew up in the wild and isn't understood by the other Smurfs. Wild Smurf can communicate with animals and ask for their assistance.

Who are the Smurfs' friends?


The Smurfs do have quite a few friends, both inside and outside the forest. Their friends include:

Feathers : Feathers is a loyal bird and friend to the Smurfs who provides transportation and the delivery of messages when needed.

Johan : Johan is a page to the King and staunch defender of the crown. He rides a horse and helps protect the weak and oppressed. Johan assisted the Smurfs during their quest for the magic flute.

Pewit : Peewit is a Johan's friend and companion. He travels on his goat, Biquette, plays a lute, and sings. Like Harmony Smurf, Pewit is a ghastly musician.

King Gerard : King Gerard is a boy-King and friend to the Smurfs. Clockwork Smurf helps protect him.

Homnibus : Homnibus is a good wizard who often spends time with Papa Smurf playing chess or helping complete an important magical spell. Homnibus has a long beard and appears quite aged. He gave the Smurfs Puppy as a gift.

Mother Nature : Mother Nature is responsible for the changing of the seasons and for helping manage the day to day activites that occur in the natural world. Mother Nature has many magic wands.

Who are the Smurfs' enemies?


The Smurfs sure have their share of enemies. From giants to evil wizards, the Smurfs are often just one step away from peril. The list of bad guys include:

Gargamel : The Smurfs face a most singular nemesis - Gargamel. The evil Gargamel is a wizard who spends his days trying to capture, eat, and otherwise destroy the Smurfs. Gargamel is absolutely obsessed with the Smurfs and lives for the day he is victorious over our little blue buddies.

Azrael : Gargamel has a long-suffering sidekick named Azrael (not "Azreal" or "Azrial"). Azrael is a tough, mangy cat who compounds the Smurfs' problems when they're being chased by Gargamel.

Scruple : Scruple is Gargamel's apprentice - although he is not a very good one. Scruple was kicked out of wizard school and lives with his uncle Gargamel as kind of an indentured servant.

Big Mouth : Big Mouth is not an enemy of the Smurfs. He is, however, a gigantic, clumsy, cumbersome beast of a man whose size and clueless disposition causes endless trouble for the tiny little Smurfs. Gargamel often tries to mislead Big Mouth - and, of course, usually gets his comeuppance in the form of Big Mouth's beefy fists. Big Mouth's girlfriend is Big Nose.

Balthazar : Balthazar is Gargamel's Godfather. Balthazar despises the Smurfs and is actually more cold-hearted than Gargamel, in addition to being a more powerful wizard. He lives in a large castle.

Hogatha : Hogatha is an evil, ugly witch who uses her magic in an attempt to lure unsuspecting suitors, and ocassionally cause trouble for the Smurfs. Hogatha is bald and wears a wig. She also snorts loudly with her enormous nose.

The Wartmongers : The Wartmongers are little toad-like creatures who live in the muck and slime. The leader of the Wartmongers, King Bullrush, commands his minions to do his bidding. One of the Wartmongers is prone to saying "yeah yeah yeah!"

Chlorhydris : Chlorhydris is an evil witch who despises (and is committed to destroying) love. A nasty, unredeemable woman as ugly as she is vile.

Where do the Smurfs live?


As mentioned in our description of who and what are the Smurfs, the Smurfs live inside Smurf Village, hidden in the forest.

Smurf Village : This mushroom village is where the Smurfs live and play. Gargamel and sundry other bad buys are always trying to find their way here with little success. The Smurfs have rebuilt Smurf Village many times.

Are there any female Smurfs?


As listed in our big list of Smurf characters at the top of the page, there are three female Smurfs: Smurfette, Sassette, and Nanny.

Who created the Smurfs?


The Smurfs officially were created in in Brussels, Belgium by a man known as "Peyo" in 1958. It should be noted, though, that the Smurfs actually debuted in the newspaper comic "Johan et Pirouit", published in the Belgian daily "La dernière heure" in 1947 (and later in the children's section of "Le Soir" in 1951 & 1952). Pierrot Culliford (Peyo) was born in 1928, and passed away in 1992. He received the nickname Peyo because of his cousin's inability to pronouce his name properly.

What is the name of the cat in the Smurfs?


Azrael. Take a look at the big list of Smurf baddies and you can read all about Azrael and Gargamel, two sworn enemies of the Smurfs.

How many Smurfs are there?


There are over 100 Smurfs in the Smurf Village.

What about some of the special characters like King Smurf and the Flying Smurf?


Many characters in the Smurf universe only appeared for a limited time, usually for one particular story. After the story ends, the special characters usually revert back to their former selves (i.e., Astro Smurf turns back to Dreamy, Prisoner Smurf turns back to Jokey). This list of all the Smurfs represent the standard characters who live in the Smurf Village every day.

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Okay so this is like the other battle threads but it has a twist..


Only smurf shit.. All smurf themed battles.. Q666 and i are up first- Due tomorrow- The word is painter smurf ( he knows the rules).. Fuck it,


Q Due at 11 tomorrow night my time.. Whatever time that is




if you think this is stupid just save the hate for After the first few battles Please.. SHiTS rad

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nah son ur mad cuz u lost to me twice so u had to make a smurf thread :lol:

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yo i think it would be way sicker to try and make up a character based on the discription of those smurfs

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notice that nigga's chain says #1 STUNNA u cant fuck with this secrets u done homie

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