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Where are all the female MC's these days?


They've fallen off.


Eve - ain't doin shit


Lil Kim - ain't doin shit


Foxy Brown - hasn't done shit in a while


Da Brat - ain't doin shit.


Remy Ma - bout to get locked up and ain't doin shit



it was all about The Lady of Rage though




i rocks ruff and stuff..





psalm one



jean grae



there's some still out there. perseph one. dessa from doomtree. yarah bravo. look em up.

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did u read my miss rap supreme thread

its about u


yea haha


make sure ur fair about the elimination


i really dont know how that dude thought i looked like him, i am like half his size lol


ur white

and ur hip hop

so ur him


basically i am hip hop


ur like all of wu tang in one white dude






:lol: tobiko

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MIA counts, but she's not exactly lyrical. that being said, Paper Planes and Bird Flu make me act like a crazy person.


also, while we're talking about grime... did anyone mention lady sovereign?


kid sister's accent irritates me. she's got a couple joints i guess, but that juke shit is too fast for me to care about.


i make a motion to strip queen latifah of her title. dana owens. like will smith. that dude ain't no fresh prince anymore. your girl dana was in beauty shop. yeah, keep it afrocentric, sistah. straighten and bleach that shit while you're at it.




also, i decided that pictures of ladies tend to get your attention (cue: "chauvinist pigs!"), so here's some of the femcees i previously mentioned... plus links to their myspace pages:



Perseph One - Houston (from Kansas City, if you were wondering where that rapid midwest flow came from)




Yarah Bravo - London/NYC




Dessa - Minneapolis




Psalm One - Chicago




Jean Grae - Brooklyn




Stitch a.k.a. Sorceress - Houston (also from KC)


p.s. i have a feeling lil wayne writes her raps, but the verse i heard from nikki minaj was pretty dope.

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