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how come everyone in the early 90's rapped about 'similiac'?

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Move over bacon there's somethin meatier

A natural born lover with love to give free to ya

Meatier, so all you bacon lovers move over

Cause I'm so smooth they should call me Blackanova

I'm not tryin to say that I'm number one

I'm just a smooth operator that gets the job done

So, let me lick you from head to toe


Realllllllll slowwwwwwwww


Cause ever since I was young I could keep girls sprung

Just by the movement of my tongue

I remember it all started way back

In ummm... Kindergarten!!


Some played with Lego's, some played with Play-Doh

But I was feelin girls like a ripe tomato

And now it's 1990 and you can find me as I dunk

Lockin up girls like I want


Yes I got a harem, but I don't share em

I collect em like padium and MMM, you gotta see em

Because the ladies is all I dream of

And not even Anita Baker can give sweeter love

You know why?


Cause I can do it right (4X)

Yesssss I can!



Step up girls and get somethin to treasure

And welcome to the Smooth Operator's Palace of Pleasure

And if you're wonderin if I want it --

I got a Kraftmatic with your name written on it

I reminisce sayin I take em eight to eighty

But I was just kiddin, no you have to be a lady

Even if you're too young, with the hypest body

I just don't go to a Similak party

So all those of age, we can get intimate

Bumper to bumper, so you can get your fender bent

I treat girls just like pastry


Mmmmmmmmm Tasty!

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We didn't know what gaffling meant so we made something up.


We used to wait until someone was sitting on the ground and go up behind them and fart on their head or back of the neck.


Strait gafflin fools east coast style.



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