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and now i will shit all over explosions in the sky...

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i never was impressed all that much by explosions in the sky... good background music though


but i feel ya on the whole not playing an encore, i knew a band that was local that would play longer than 2 hours just for the sake of playing.

not to mention mars volta, good lord the first time i saw them they played for light years

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jam band music is definitely an acquired taste, but to dismiss bands like the grateful dead and phish by saying that improvising on stage is nothing more than listening to them practice and isnt worth hearing at the show to me is just silly. the reality of it is you really cant get a grasp on what the dead and the phish were able to do with their live shows if you never saw them.


...and as far as that kind of music only being good if you're on drugs, that's pure hogwash. some of the best shows i'd seen from both bands i was stone cold sober for.



and im not trying to make this into a improvised music vs. non improvised music thread, but i felt the comparison was necessary after hearing what these corny motherfuckers acted like when asked for an encore.




i'll give you that its an acquired taste...


to further. calling it practice isn't necessarily completely fair, saying you're watching them write is more accurate

jamming is a matter of putting together riffs you'd created earlier and flowing with them. sometimes it happens, but certainly not all the time. thats why such an extended time frame is down right obnoxious. the greatest musicians in the world don't write good music EVERY time. some riffs work with certain transitions, some don't.


if you went and saw a band with actual musical credibility--say SLAYER in 1992--and you complained at their set length or lack of encore, you'd be a moron. i don't like explosions, but i don't see what they did as wrong. 2 hours and you fuckers are upset because you spent, what 18 bucks?

i do not commiserate with you.


blues and jazz jams are mostly exempt from my abrasive view here.

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i remember i saw Bad Religion they played a two hour set

now I love bad religion. they are my teen angst music


but fuckin 2 hours was boring as fuck.

I saw BR in 97 and it was about 2 and a half hours. It couldn't have gone on long enough.


The G3 concert I went to took the cake though, it ran for 4.5 hours total and was absolutely sick as fuck, never been to a better gig.


The Dream Theater concert I went to only lasted 2 and a bit hours then their inner ear monitors died (mainly because it was a 40'C day I think) but they were disappointed as they had at least an hour to go.


Both Steve Vai solo shows I went to lasted 2.5 hours and this was the perfect length in my opinion.


All of these last 3 shows I mentioned had improv bits strewn throughout the shows and were all the more better for it. There is just something about truely great musos improvising that is special, whereas anyone below their ability just looks crap.

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