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i did something stooopid tonight...


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....slept with a "work collegue".....


awww fuck, i fucked up. this girl i work with, basically put it on a plate for me. and, since its been a while and i was (still am) very under the influence my dick took control of my brain.



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it happened, trust me.

i wont get fired, im her superior at work so meh,


im just concernend about the piss taking! how shallow is that? fuck it i dont care. normally i only tap those who i am willing to spend the whole night with - actually cuddle and shit.


she wasnt one.

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I've done it a long time ago when I first put this hot peice of man ass onto the work scene.

It was a hella good situation. She was my boss at Sears. It was so awesome cause she would want it right after work. Sometimes before. She was hooking me up with long lunch breaks and gave me a damn good review. She even bought me lunch a few times. To top it off she was married. It was awesome. But all good things must come to an end. She eventually got fired. She was caught up in a scandle scamming the joint for power tools! Hot Milf though! No I don't have flicks, but it DID happen.

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