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It's Beer O'Clock

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Top Posters In This Topic

So my options are... some chicks bday party where i know a bunch of 18 and 19 year olds beezes will be at and ill probably be the only connect on things, a date with a puerto rican mommy of two, or to the mission in sf to try and help get my friend laid cause im an excellent wingman.


On the list though is tequila shots, car bombs, vodka tonics, and jaeger.....yeah i know odd list but if you knew me you'd already know i drink whatever comes my way.

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I'm caught between two girls right now..One is my ex that's leaving out of town in a week, and the other is some girl I just met.


I'm already two vicodin deep, and five jack and cokes...Ready for some action..


Fuck all this..

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tonight is probably the first night im partying in a while too. my philipino homegirl (who is maddd rich) is throwing herself a birthday party with two kegs and its at a nice house in the burbs. im rolling through with a bottle of andre and filling it up with beer when its emptyu.


ive been drinking since 5pm when the warriors tipped off. im prettyb tired and faded but im gonna man up and get my swerve on tonight.


tiommorow morning i gots to be up early and go buy alot of chowder which im not too thrilled about doing.

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Drinking this right now.


Five bucks a six pack and it's better than PBR. Not bad.


edit- "Beer thirty" was my friend Mario's thing to say when we'd go out clubbing all night...we'd be on the bus coming down off of whatever at dawn and he'd say "T-minus ________ till beer thirty", or 6 AM when the liquor stores started selling drink.

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i just got one of my friends to think he was taking a shot of whiskey and i switched it with a shot of habanero sauce..and this dude is a poossay when it comes to anything remotely spicy.


epic lawlz were had.

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