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Martini Glass :: The new Pimp Cup


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Top Posters In This Topic


.. tecate is like budweiser

24s are mad cheap around my way

thats why they kick it with me

among other reasons




I introduce them to shit like Rolling Rock

I have no doubt in my mind that you have close ties to south america, i would bet a million bucks on it, even tho I have no idea who you are


**edit - mexico is technically north america, but you might have a cousin in chile or argentina or some shit

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haha exactly.


its only good for pouring shit up hella dirty.


no lies



mix it with "cold duck" thatr cheap ass hood purple champagne




50 / 50 mix




18$ should get you drunker than you ever been in your life... I hallucinated an errythang





the cheap liquor h-bomb

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How can you not sip ketel one?


kteel one isd at the top of level oine...




but its nowhere near top shelf...



but it is good, but not martini material, no matter how hard they froint in their ads...















Im about to busss a stroll to the liquor store and cop some more pepper jack olives and a orion

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YO you guys are really gay... Martini's if you are a dude drinking in a bar drinking a vodka martini's in this day and age you win the gay award...



FYI real martini's are made with Gin fucking dumbasses...You guys are reading too much of your girlfriends people magazine trying to get teh infoz on Britney Spear's latest fuck up and you found a martini and were like "ooo its pink it looks yummy"





God damn...

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He's right, martinis are made with gin. Vodka martini is kind of a misnomer, also without vermouth it's not a martini, it's vodka with olive juice.


Speaking of olives, if you like the bleu cheese ones try the jalapeno stuffed ones. They are awesome in martinis.

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