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Ottawa 613 - Capital City

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Originally Posted by smogone (View Original Post)


I don't actually write graffiti, however, I'm stirring the shit pot.



really? since when? news to me.. last I checked I was "dropping tags on the streets illegally like the rest of you" since before you were writing, and you've yet to catch up to me in terms of progression and originality. You've been out rocking the same handstyle and 2 throws for forever. God forbid you put some effort into it, you can barely even rock a straight letter. You may have tons of spots, but you've yet to actually step up out of your baby shoes and try something a little more complicated.


Besides, if you're so tolerant of the way people conduct themselves, then what fucking place do you have trying to call me out on taking a break, or anyone else for that matter? Don't be a hypocrite and quit acting like you're someone who's opinion should be respected. You're doing the same thing everyone is/has been doing all over the world for 40 years now, if you want people to remember you for something, get out and do something that's worth remembering.














How's that for e-fame? am I graffiti writer yet?

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Maaaan, shut the fuck up Smog. No ones gives a fuck what you think.


Gero and Kyev can argue because they are both prevalent writers in Ottawa, regardless of their conflicting opinions. You're just a wack after-thought. Fucking loser.


And fuck Poser too.





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Did you only read the first sentence of my comment?


Gero and Kyev can argue because they are both prevalent writers in Ottawa; Regardless of their conflicting opinions. You're just a wack after-thought. Fucking loser.


I get that you have an inflated sense of self worth, but I dare you to find anyone in the city (aside from your Magic Card Crew) who would actually hold you in a higher regard than Kyevo. Its widely acknowledged that homie is better than you. And don't try pulling the old "Well, thats just your opinion" toy cop-out card.


You should take your own advice and try doing something that is worth some notoriety, instead of being a pseudo-intellectual fuck on the internet; who posts stolen pictures from old magazines, mouths off to cats with more talent/dedication than him, and has never been out past 6:30pm to paint anything in his life.



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Why would you post that pic? It's a shit-talk magnet


I don't see why anyone else can't comment on this, the original issue had nothing to do with how much work I've put in whatsoever.


I was talking graffiti etiquette, when mad older heads don't like your work, it should be taken as a clue, and motivation to work harder. Anything else is butthurt whining.


I prefer criticism over compliments anyday, there's ALWAYS room to improve.


Maybe I was just lucky to have friends and mentors who didn't hold back on the ruthless criticism, certainly helped me more than anything.

G-"How's this outline?"

C- "Ugh, the G's alright I guess, keep sketching."

G-"Damnit, how's this tag"

C- "Aweful.."



People are obviously stuck in their ways, and if certain people want to take criticism as shit talk and hating, that's there problem I guess




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Found on Them.ca


In the late 1970ds and early 80ds I became fascinated with

watching trains and used to draw them all the time. In 1982 I saw a CBC Documentary on the South Bronx showing of course the subways. Doing my first graff piece in the spring of 83 spawned by the movie Dreams Don't Die, then Style Wars, and Beat Street, by the mid 1980s I was completely taken over by Hip Hop.

Back then the inspiration came from taping radio mix shows, attempting graff at the local bridges, buying records and trying to break like Rock Steady and the New York City Breakers. Living in Kingston made it very difficult, my only exposures to Hip Hop was through the media, no personal mentors or contacts.

In the mid 90ds Graff here in Canada finally broke loose and by that time I had hooked up with the TCM crew in Toronto. The last 10 or so years to follow were the most expansive and trying.

Now after more than 20 years time has manefested itself and It is a matter of heading into the future fast. With an arsenal of murals, paintings, sculptures, and photo images, for the next couple decades, I will be producing at an alarming rate so that I can inspire You!





This is one of my favourite pieces by any writer (below)





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Now for some (more) evoke


in taiwan



if anyone remembers this, this was fucking awesome, in ottawa too. Painted day time, dressed as a city worker.







Another all-time favourite of mine, painted on straight concrete in hull


serious skill, I'll try to find a bigger pic. (Hey sneak, hook a brother up!)


more recent stuff







"not a care for the end goal, just enjoying the ride"


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INP crew featuring evoke




(with physk)



anode in hali, featuring a retarded sidebuster ;)



anode and evoke



RIP to this mural which ran forever until some fag put rollers through it






can't find much :P






with evoke below


won't post too much since he's got his own thread, and is basically all over the net


apparently I have to split this post up, too many pics in one reply

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Wow, nice posts Gero. Props. That brought back a lot of old memories. As for a better pic of that old Evoke, I don't have one of it that I can remember.


Plenty of gems in there (too many to mention). The good old days.


... I do remember that Evoke (dressed as a city worker)... It was right in my old 'hood. :)

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