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Ottawa 613 - Capital City


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You're a bitch, break a window 10 deep then run away, name drop St Henri you're pretty tough. When we see you it's a beatdown best believe alcoholics like to eat cokeheads. You 4 eyed fedora'd bitch : all of you're janked elongated bullshit gonna eat it. This is aimed to one person and one person only. From a crew who dunt give a fuck about nuthin, to a Montana black buying fagget who climbs overpasses and leanovers in Ottawa, beat down in order, hoe.



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that orange yellow agen's crisp, and while we're all dropping our two cents; it's not like the cops found out about the train getting painted on our half ass thread, what the fuck is it heating out? it's not like he just blew a secret spot or some shit or broke into some yard to paint it, did ppl chirp orek wheen the flicks got out from his bomb? did the train painting world shit a cinder block when they saw it in a magazine :O? it's like saying ''don't post filcks of fill ins in on walls, the cops might catch on''.

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