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Ottawa 613 - Capital City

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an heads comparing each other to other heads is retarded


"omg this writers better than that writer"


the fuck makes one better than another. this head rocks dope pieces, that head catches dope spots. this head over here catches retarded amounts of spots. that head over there has the freshest style north of the border.


fuck right off with comparing each other, thats some insecure bullshit. real talk.


worry about your own shit




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His pieces are nice, absolutely true, but buying paint, then going legal doesn't requires much effort in my opinion, no matter the quality outcome. Effort is going out of your way to get your paint, to find spots and painting multiple times a week, day or night and THEN buyin the good paint and rocking the sick piece. That, is effort.


how does being able to afford paint. (6 bux a can) have to do with quality of steez? 1 over- the- pant -handjob covers a peice now days, depending on the pants. unless brokeass is cooool these days, your alright if you can afford a can of paint in my book. if not thats cool too your not anymore of a shitface for it.

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