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Ottawa 613 - Capital City

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Grudge? why would i, i dont even know you. im just tired of you always picking up the same issue to say the same thing.




Sure im random, and must i point out, coincidently, that all You do is talk on here?(if not please do show)


And i must say, i am quite fond of language hence, one of the reasons i partake in writing.

And i dont go to school, i just happen to have remembered what i learned there.

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I haven't painted recently since I'm taking a break for the first time in 10 years. but if you really like I could post a couple hundred pieces and throws. Could you say the same for either?


People who I chill with, and who are affiliated know exactly what I'm up to.


It's hilarious how everytime this happens, it's either:


A: a random person who doesn't paint, used to paint, or never painted.


B: someone too scared, or too "clever" to admit who they are.


EDIT: what do I care, you're not even a writer apparently, and it's your problem if you don't like what I have to say

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Awesome!! i also happen to be on a lil break but not from ten years i give you that.

Are you insinuating by B that im not clever! Im Devastated...


And if you really dont care, you wouldn't have taken the care to reply up to here, and you wouldn't have put in that ''extra'' care to edit every post to make sure you didn't sound like a wingnut.


And i do like what you say, i like funny things, like this thread, except for the sporadic flicks.


''ppl i chill with; ppl who are affiliated---> SAME THING. Sounding smart just got stupider


Post Scryptum sorry if you look at this and roll your eyes, sigh and go to the next site. Gero just cant seem to do that himself.


Edit: i made a syntax error in the: ppl who i chill with part because you wrote it wrong

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Wow, you're retarded.


Look up affiliation, I was referring to people such as friends of friends, people who I talk to but don't see often, etc.


I usually click edit because I have something to add, not because I want to sound less crazy. Being crazy ain't a bad thing, who isn't crazy here? Depening of how you define it.


I define it as some internet spell check hero. Who gives a fuck about syntax, spelling, grammar, any of that shit, in a graffiti forum.


What a faggot, yeeeesh

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