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I know yall are on some fuck loss prevention tip

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ive had 2 steal...definately for food...

steaks..mainly warm up shit' that you can just goto any quik-trip

or 7-11 circle k'

depending on wherever you live...

and just warm it up there n bounce..cause shit gets rough..

i havent had to dumpster dive..and i dont really plan on falling that hard.

on the other side of the tracks i know that shit affects your benefits as an employee

....at walmart, shit thats stolen takes away from peoples yearly bonus checks...

and thats why people get pissed cause your not just stealing from the store...

its stealing christmas presents for people who dont make enough and look forward to a bonus check at the end of the year for that extra 150 bucks n shit like that....

depending on loss prevention...

i dont think knocking a dude out is really the answer...cause depending on somones authority, i think that you can infact catch a charge too no?

ive seen people get body slammed laaaaaaate at walmart trying to steal a 5th of vodka'

or jack....and the people that watch at walmart alot of the time are dressed like us....and just for that exact reason...

i havent had to rack (food) for quite some time...

last thing i racked was prolly robitussin 2big bottles....

but i feel dude on this shit...but i dont think being a hero's going to help you unless you were close to getting fired or some shit...

then they'd reconsider dropping that add they had in the newspaper...

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True. But you know the dude who makes your chill spot hot, that dude who sued Outback and made it so you cant throw peanuts on the floor anymore and that dude who is WAYYY to obvious when it comes to racking shit and ruins it for everyone else, thats who was in my shit tonight.


I dont care if a dude slips a cold cut in is pants and leaves, its just when you try to pull some extravegant shit and deny it when I say something, then Im gonna get my shit back.


If some bitch at AC Moore called me on when I was racking shit, Id give it back, leave without making a scene and let the minimum wage people get back on their grind. But these arent those people.





You a soft ass nigga if you gone rob ace moore then give shit back, if you give it back then you a soft ass nigga strate up, why would you even drive, waste gas to go there and not get the mission done???you fake ass bomber hood life till i die. nigga times are hard

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stealing steaks is a hood hustle

Crackheads rack that shit Friday and Saturday, sell it door to door so you can cook it up on the Sunday BBQ

this bar I worked at had a "meat guy" that would come around and take orders. he always made good money.

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Damn, I know this sample. It's either from a steve Martin or chevy chase comedy album.


if either one did that routine they sure as hell werent the first. I think Mantan Moreland came up with it....





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i used to work in a deli. like 3 years deep. racked my fridge full of random shit ery sunday. cooked whole chickens, mac'n cheese, samich shit, pasta salads..fuckin..pickles..you name it. then i bounced...wished i stilled worked at that joint cause once upon a day my slow ass finally got bagged rackin those little carry-in bags of groceries full and fallin out the top...shit was nice for a while..just walkin in, fillin up and walkin the fuck out, goin home and grubbin..fo free..but now..i'm too much of a pussy these days. the occasional pocketable necessity only...as for poppin cats in yer own sto i agree so long as you let em go after, the lp squad that snatched me was pretty cool and were even gonna let me go, taking the little bit of cheese i had in my wallet, but the head hancho store manager just happened to be there so the pigs got involved...gehy.....shoulda ran.

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stolen food tastes better


not a huge fan of cold sandwiches, but the hot foods in grocery stores are usually directly next to them. this girl that worked at a deli/hot foods in a grocery store used to feed me after every closing shift (pastas/chicken/perogies/etc). they throw it all out at the end of the day anyway


its a shame to see so much food getting tossed daily. if only there was a teleportation device with a moral compass that couldnt be tampered with, that only accepted food & directly sends it to a starving person elsewhere

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