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I know yall are on some fuck loss prevention tip

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I say live and let live.

It aint your store, so dont be a random hero.

I hope you feel like an ass for tryin to be samuri jack

Karmas a bitch muf fucka, i hope one day you need

a sandwhich and you go try to jack subway and one of them

israelis jacks your fuckin jaw for tryin to fill your gut...

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I was disappointed when the "apology" thread disappeared today. I was about to tell everyone where that dick in the mashed potatoes sample was from, too.


If i would have known it was that kind of party,

i would have stuck my dick in the mashed potatoes! :jpotato:

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any place you buy shit at a lot is a good place





but godamn the walgreens down the strip follows your ass around no matter how nice you look. as soon as you step in there like "what can i help you find" and im like "toothpaste" and they lead you to it, then sit by watching you pick out your brand. then there like "anything else?", yeah, deoderant, same shit... im usually high and like to browse, but there fllowing you around like"anything else" so i get pissed and start asking where the dog collars, industrial lubricants, and novelty condoms


once i get to the condom section they quit watching


but another time i walk up to the counter and theres some older guy looking pissed. im like "wheres the counter guy." and he didnt know and was getting pissed, so i just looked at him, started walking towards the door, and said "i guess everythings free today..."

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haha when i was a kid i used to ride my razor scooter into wallgreens, ride up and down the aisles stealing shit in plain view, and ride the scooter out the front door.


walgreens was the spot son, griffin shoe polish and some snickers ice cream bars was the usual heist for young moe. and safeway too for the fifths and deli sandwhiches. i have a friend who lived on stolen safeway sandwiches for a few semesters.

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Fuck Fred Meyer's and their team of goons. I am all about shoplifting and have got layed out by a few amateur Terribile Terry Tates. I agree you should be able to mop the floor with anyone you catch stealing from you but then it is over. It sucks hard getting carried across a store after an ass whooping only to have to go to jail. One or the other people.

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yea walgreens wised up and stopped stocking that shit. griffin was the jumpoff back in the day. if niggas didnt have any paint or markers but still wanted to go bushopping we just hit the local walgreens for our resupply. griffin stained transit pretty hard too when you added a little Dot3.

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dude stealin the meat was probably totally malnourished and you whooped his ass all easy cuz he hadn't had any protein, b-vitamins or iron in a week





you're a fucking faggot bitch dude



you're out painting and writing on shit that doesn't belong to you for whatever reasons you get up, but when someone needs to eat and they can't afford grub you take pride in suckerpunchin and takin 'em down



all for an extra few bucks by pleasing your superiors who you know give two shit's about you. you're just another brick in the wall, pebble in the lake, peanut in the poop, etc. to them




karma is a bitch dude, if you really are a writer you're probably gonna get snitched out and pinched for busting that hungry guy


fuck you and your lame job homie. that store ain't yours. you ain't runnin that shit. you're just a pawn. don't take so much pride in working food service/grocery

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Did you read any of this?


First off, APRIL FOOLS!


Second, most people who are poor and/or hungry steal sandwiches and shit out of the deli...stuff they can eat right away. Take it from someone who worked in the business for three years.


Third, you talk about his karma being fucked because he's stopping shoplifters, but what about the karma that comes with writing on someone else's property? In for a penny, in for a pound.

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