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The Food Network


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food network rules.

original iron chef is good, the iron chef america sucks.

i like jamie oliver, he's fun to watch and i tried watching

how to boil water and food 911 thinking maybe i could

learn something.

i fucking hate that sandra lee, she's boring as hell and paula is annoying as fuck.

my fav is still anthony bourdain.

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i wish flava flav would take over as chairman on iron chef.





Word to that. That asian dude that hosts it pisses me off. He is too serious and a really bad actor. He tries to hard. Everytime I see him I cringe. When he announces the secret ingrident makes me wanna give him a Karate chop to his neck. Shit would be proper if Flava Flav took over. Shit would get real hood real fast in that piece. And instead of Alton Brown commentaring it would be like Bushwick Bill or some other hood mother fucker. Giada De La Rentes and Racheal "Banging Ass" Ray is where it's at on that channel though.













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A couple weeks ago on Ace of Cakes, they made a subway car and dangling from the end of it was paint cans. Like when people dangle shit from the end of the car right after they get married. Same concept. But then they had some pieces airbrushed onto the subway cake car. Cool concept but the pieces were horrible. I pretty much expected that though. Apparently the dude that runs the Ace of Cakes used to paint. The dude they made the cake for used to paint too. So he thought it would be a good idea to have that for his wedding cake. Just thought I'd through that out there.

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