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So if your a convicted felon and you're caught trying to buy unlicensed firearms....


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The courts and city governments will sometimes use urban celebrities in this manner as public speakers to try and deter youth... so to avoid jail time such celebrities will agree to speak out against their mistakes at schools and what not, and reach an audience that can identify with them in a way that the rollers can't... so it's a much better deal for the state to give them community service than jail time.

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shit son... michigan law... i cant get any firearm. The unlicensed part is pretty much a given... its an automatic 5 years in prison. Second offense they probably rip your balls off and give you 10 years. isoruswrexstaystrapped


my guess..........somebodys snitchin

1500 hours of com service would piss me off something serious

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Guest spectr

hahaha... Its just to bad he didn't accidently shoot himself with one of the guns or something.. I think they should have locked him up for the whole 10 years with not chance of parole..


edit: oh and as far as the snitching thing goes...

Its called cash... cash to pay for good lawyers... understand its the people in power who created our legal system.. These people had money so they knew that these laws didn't apply to them since they could just buy the system off.. The same thing still happens now its just that more people can do it, not just the aristocracy..

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if guns werent so fucking hard to register in the first place no one would be getting bullshit firearms charges.



ive been trying for the past month to get cleared for a pistola. hopefully it might go through but for a second i was seriously thinking abuot just getting a throwaway.


MOE= prepared for the next big earth quake disaster

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moe- do you not live in a redneckesque state? in oregon i got cleared for a revolver within 2 days, regardless of being arrested on felony charges weeks prior.


i live in california, where all the gang bangers roll around with AKs and AR-15s and yet i cant even buy a peashooter. genius politicians think making it harder to buy guns for LEGAL citizens will make 16 year olds stop getting their hands on uzis, but it dont work that way. these kids out here are packing SERIOUS and they arent buying them from the local gun shop. and yet unless im a police officer i cant defend myself legally in the streets from these punks.


im thinking of moving to WA, its easier to own guns and you can also get a CCW very easy. it is my desire to carry a gun with me at all times in the future. right now its the mini glock but when im richer its gonna be a kimber .45acp, make your scraper look like swiss cheese nigggaa.

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TI didnt snitch... he obtained those weapons semi legally

not much to snitch on when a convicted felon can buy guns in a personal transfer in the south... its not illegal for them to sell you , its illegal for a felon to posess down south, not to sell to a felon. Thats on you, so theres noone he could snitch on...

hes rich, and a celeb... and didnt actually shoot anyone or have a bunch of drugs



but he had oodles and oodles of guns.

That beef with flip aint that serious... go TI

Big shit poppin

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