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long trip ---- advice?


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its true. Anyone in most of asia will tell you 'yes' to anything you ask. This was 100% true in the philippines. You could have asked anything and they would tell you yes. You gotta triangulate (x100) to find the real answer. I dont know about trusting porters. they get kickbacks from places they refer you to which might not be the cheapest/best. Ive had the most trouble with cab drivers. like was said; make sure the meter is on. Unless you are VERY familiar with local rates never accept the flat rate cause its always a rip.


also if you need to ask where a restroom is in the philippines its: 'sa-an ang CR?'. hah CR= comfort room. If you ask for a 'rest room' they will just look at you like youre crazy and say 'yes' hah.


also people had a tendancy to call me 'hey tatoo'! or 'hey joe' (joe = american= white people) dont be offended. its meant in a friendly way. The philippines is one of the few places they love you americans.

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Since you only have a week to spend in Indonesia I wouldn't recommend staying in Jakarta. It is a great city but you would really need more time to experience both Jakarta and Bali/Lombok. Also Jakarta isn't too romantic....you would probably end up spending the majority of your time in traffic there. But if your trying to paint, stay in Jakarta for a bit.


You can fly one of the domestic airlines to Bali for fairly cheap. I'm sure your budget is pretty stretched with so many destinations, so what kind of accommodations are you looking for? Are you just looking for just an air conditioned room? Or something more luxuries? For budget accommodation I would recommend Masa Inn on Jalan Poppies Lane #2 (in Legian/Kuta area), but there are plenty of budget hotels around the area. Like I said before....take trips out side of Kuta because it ends up being kind of a tourist trap at times. Check out Ubud (monkey forests, local artists), local dances/temples, Jimbaran Bay (great fresh seafood diners on the beach), Dream Land beach to name a few. Its worth renting a little motor bike or car for a little freedom to get around so you don't always have to take taxi or walk. You might want to look into getting and International license since your going to so many places to keep things legal. But you can get by renting the bikes with false info. so its no big deal. Just be prepared to pay a little when/if cops stop you for a license check.


As for Lombok, you can take the ferry over (about 4-5 hours) or fly (30min) from Bali. Either way is pretty easy but the ferry is going to be pretty ghetto, but a good experience for sure. Check out Kuta (shares the same name as the area in Bali) or Gili islands (might require another boat ride). I haven't been to Lombok since I was real young so I can't speak on it too much, but it is a less crowded with tourists than Bali.


Also, you can purchase VISA on arrival for US$20 or $25, that makes it very easy and when you leave the country you have to pay a minimal exit tax. Look into this stuff online to get the specifics.

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how is the south of thailand? there is a cheap flight that goes down to phuket, is it worth it?


I personally think that Phuket and Koh Phi Phi are the most touristy places in Southern Thailand, the only difference being that Koh Phi Phi is fucking breathtakingly beautiful (place where "The Beach" was filmed). If you're looking for places in the south, I'd say hit up Koh Tao for some awesome scuba diving, Koh Phangan for the full moon party (yes, i realize the irony here if I call Phuket touristy), and maybe Railay for a good place to just chill, rock climb and generally just veg out.


Mind you, I'd rather backpack and stay in a dumpy little bungalow on the beach than lug around a wheel-suitcase and stay in hotels, so take my advice with a grain of salt if that doesn't sound like your idea of a vacation.


Cambodia and Vietnam are also very fucking top-notch in my books, but it eats up a lot of travel time.. not really feasible at just a couple of days for each country.

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Yes there is you dumb peice of shit! Just cause it's not as torn up as Iraq don't mean there's not bombs blowing the fuck up left and right. Every week that shit's on the news some Palistinian blows up a marketplace and Isreal retaliates by aniahlating neighborhoods.

Get your head out your ass you dumb fuck! Watch the news some time.


And as far as anything I say being blahblah... pussy everything I say is the truth. And not all of it is negative you dumb shit.


Nigga you're a teenage little carrot top from Florida. Of coarse you aint some globetrotting yuppie. That's why I told you to stop frontin. Go do your algebra homework.








TEL AVIV --- While the U.S. homicide rate declined slightly in 2004, it was more than 25 percent higher than Israel's combined rate of deaths from crime, suicide bombings and intifada-related military casualties.



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classless? I assume youre being sarcastic.


Its so highly classed there it may as well be a caste system. there are whole sections of manila you cant even walk through without some serious clearance like Dasmarinas. its where all the wealthy people live and once inside that area youd never even know you were in Manila. It feels like Beverly Hills. They just happen to love americans because they hate the japanese so much (they also dislike koreans and chinese). annnyhow...

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Just wanted to bump this thread because I'll be traveling to Greece and Turkey in a few weeks and will be spending quite a bit of time in Istanbul especially. I'll obviously be checking out some of the more typical tourist-y stuff, but does anyone have any other recommendations on stuff I should see/do/eat? Any stories are appreciated.

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In Turkey go to Olympos in the south.

it's just one road leading down to a beach and sleep in the treehouses.

stay with merril the chick there she made me and my friends super welcome (since she owned the guesthouse I guess it was her job)


get up eat a Gozleme for breakfast

hit the beach sit in the water and pile rocks into your lap so you don't float.

stick out your feet and relax.


Also if you can go from Fethiye (I think ) to Oludinez it's just such a beautiful beach.

probabaly overrun with Aussies.

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